Top 10 + 5 Affectionate Reasons why British Shorthairs are The Most Cuddliest cats

Reasons why British Shorthairs are The Most Cuddliest cats – Do you have a super cute British shorthair in your house or are you planning to adopt one? Then you’re right because they are not only beautiful and intelligent cats, but also the most cuddly pets! Check out these 15 reasons why( Reasons why you should have a  British Shorthair as a pet):

1. British shorthairs are of course beautiful cats


That color! The fur! That trick!

2. And moreover, they are super soft …


3. … making it happy to cuddle with them

And they do not mind either ;-).

4. The cats also give a lot of love and love to be with them

They especially like to follow you throughout the house.

5. Because yes, they are very happy to play with you … whether you want it or not 😉

‘Attention boss, aaaandacht!’

6. Oh yes, British shorthairs are also very social and well matched with other pets and people

A good reason to bring NOW a cat! 😉

7. But they are just as fond of themselves, making it not a problem to leave them alone

You do not have to worry: your cat draws his plan without any problems.

8. By the way, they are quiet pusses that can sometimes be lazy

Well, can we give them wrong? 😉

9. But do not mistake: British shorthaires are really intelligent

That’s all about you.

10. And usually they are also very elegant

So beautiful to watch!

11. But sometimes they can sometimes be awkward …


Funny and cute at the same time!

12. … so they can always smile At you

Hihi :-D.

13. Not to mention: the kittens are sooooo CUTE!



14. But also the adult cats have an irresistible trick that you will fall for …


This can not resist you? <3

15. … and great eyes in which you will see that your British shorthair will love you forever <3

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And you will love to see your sweet cat forever!

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