Robin Gallant Fitness –  Putting all your effort into going to the gym and exercising can be frustrating when you get the results you want in your body. So, before we look at Robin Gallant Fitness or what she does on a day to day basis to stay fit and healthy we are going to look at some key and fundamental rules that you must follow at the gym to get maximum results in your fitness training.The Robin Gallant Fitness

But the truth is that to succeed in the gym and achieve the results you want, it is not enough to go regularly and perform an exercise routine. You must master certain essential aspects.

Most people who start in the world of exercise are torn between the best supplements or training in fashion, but what they really need is to focus on the commitment to a real and definitive change of life.

If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and successfully meet your goals in the gym, follow these tips that we offer here. Make it worth the effort to exercise:

1. Make a long-term commitment

Make a long-term commitment

In most cases, it is common to start training with a short-term vision of the desired results. But the most convenient thing is that you see the exercise routine as a lifestyle, which will change your health and well-being in general, in the long term.

  • The goal should not be to lose 20 kilos in 3 months. It must be to maintain good health for life.
  • The objective should not be to load 150 kilos on the chest press. It must be to become the kind of person who does not miss training.
  • The goal should not be to sacrifice everything to have the best time in the race next month. It must be to achieve a higher speed next year than you reach today, and an even greater one within two years.

Forget about short-term goals will help you to have perspective, to not obsess, and to enjoy more of the way.

Assume your life change as a routine, something normal and everyday. Do not see keeping yourself healthy as a great sacrifice in your life.

When you commit to the long term, you end up getting great results in the short term.

2. Establish a training schedule

Most people do not manage to exercise consistently because they are always wondering when their next training will be.

  • “Will I have enough energy and willpower to get up early to go running?”
  • “Will I have time today to train?”
  • “Will I be motivated to exercise when I arrive home after work today?”

The truth is that most people train only when they feel motivated. Here I propose a different proposal: Stop seeing training as something you do when it is convenient and include it in your agenda as part of your daily activities.

This is the big difference between amateurs and professionals.

You do not have to wait until you feel like it, or have time. Assign a schedule to the training as well as the rest of your activities, as you would do with a class or a work appointment, and organize the rest of your tasks in the time available.

Analyze conscientiously what time you prefer to train, in relation to your activities and also to your energy levels. Also, consider that outside peak hour there are fewer people in gyms, so you can perform your routine in a more concentrated and fast.

The best time for you is the one that gives you more chances to be constant.

It is normal and part of life that there will be some unforeseen events that prevent you from exercising that day. But keeping the training as part of the routine will make these moments the exception, and not the rule.

Allow your planning to control your activities and do not leave your training in the hands of your level of motivation.

3. Focus on the best exercises

Focus on the best exercises

The great results do not depend on a great variety of exercises, but on practicing those that really suit your objectives.

Do not waste time in the gym moving from one device to another, without specific goals. There is a very simple rule that should guide you: the more movement requires an exercise, the more benefits it will give you.

This is the reason why “clean and jerk” (2-stroke lifting) and “snatch” (snatching) are the main exercises in terms of lifting weights. They are exercises that make the body move more, and faster.

Consequently, those who practice these exercises obtain excellent results.

Here we give you a list of the best exercises to get results. You should include at least one of them in all your training sessions:

  • Displacements
  • Dead weight.
  • Chest press
  • Clean and jerk.
  • Snatch
  • Sprint (fast race).
  • Shoulder press
  • Pullups (bar lifts or pullups).
  • Pushups (lizards).

4. Start light and focus on the volume before intensity

Start light and focus on the volume before intensity

It is very common that if you ask those who train if they did well in your session, answer things like: “Yes, it was very intense”, “I will be very sore tomorrow”, “I finished the session with a set I made to fail” .

Although it is good to press yourself, the most common mistake is to plan very demanding workouts but not first gain the strength to face them. Many want to go straight to lift as much as possible. It’s a mistake.

Training to the point of failure is a good way to end up exhausted, but not to build muscle and strength. Ideally, when you finish training, and at the end of each series, you are still capable or have the energy to perform more repetitions.

You must work on developing muscle capacity before putting yourself to test your limits and focus on the volume.

In terms of volume, we do not mean that you do 20 repetitions of an exercise, but that you plan an exercise routine that takes you to carry a moderate weight (not your maximum capacity) and gradually increase it.

With this strategy you will increase your strength progressively each month, and you will build the foundations to increase the weight.

5. Make small progress every week

Make small progress every week

Many people go to the gym, perform the same exercises, load the same weight as always for a long time, and then ask why they do not see an increase in their strength. Or they use the treadmill to run 2 kilometers every day, but they can not lose weight anymore.

Why does this happen? Because the body adapts.

When you start training, your body reacts to the new activity, burning fat and increasing muscle mass. But after some sessions, your body assimilates it as the “new normality”, adapts to it, and you stop seeing results.

If you want to move forward, you must do different things, change the exercise routine every week, with small adjustments.

How? Increase a few kilos to the weight you raise, or increase sets or repetitions. Change some exercises, or the rhythm, decreasing the rest period between sets, for example.

6. Keep track of your workouts

What you can measure, you can analyze and improve. If you can not tell how many sets and repetitions and with what weight you did some exercise a couple of weeks ago, you can not know if you are actually increasing your strength and have achieved results.

Keeping track of your workouts is easy. Use a small notebook to record by date the exercise you did, including sets, repetitions and the weight you lifted.

If you have a bad memory, write down immediately while you rest between sets.

Following up on your workouts will be useful for several things:

  • You can see the progress you are making in the long term.
  • Verify the fulfillment of the exercise sessions and how the consistency (or lack of it) has affected your results.
  • Verify if you executed the best exercises in each session.
  • You will know if you have built your strength gradually.
  • Evaluate your progress methodically and clearly.

What to do now?

Now that you know the basic rules to get results in the gym, it’s time to get down to work:

  • Set your training schedule.
  • Get the notebook to take your record.
  • Focus on the best exercises, which involve a greater movement of the muscles.
  • Start by loading light weight and focus on quantity (volume) rather than intensity.
  • Increase the weight you load progressively each week.


Success in training depends on many factors, but the essential thing is to maintain discipline and a long-term vision to achieve the goal of having a healthy organism. This is a lifestyle, not just a temporary search.

It is important that you choose the gym where you will do your workouts, your closeness to your home or work is essential to make compliance and assistance easier: if you get carried away by the initial enthusiasm and do not take into account the distance, it will be much more difficult for you to attend when you are tired, unmotivated or there is traffic.

Do not forget that it is about establishing a new lifestyle, and for it to work in the long term you must ensure that the variables are in your favor.

Remember to always take care of your diet, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet to complement the achievements in the gym.

Remember that before starting any exercise or feeding plan, you should consult your doctor to take care of your health and obtain the best results.

If you liked this article, share it on your social networks. Apply these tips and tell us how it went in your exercise routine. Now lets look at Robin Gallant Fitness.

Robin Gallant Fitness and Health

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