Top 10 + Routine an Amazing UFC Bikini Body – Ronda Rousey Workout

Ronda Rousey Workout – If you are looking to have an amazing bikini body like Ronda by using her routines, this information will serve you well. Every lady wishes to look great. The issue is, the majority of exercise programs for females are rigorous and too tough.

Sexiest Bikini Body of Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey Bikini workout- Today we are going to assist you get the outcomes you desire. Possibly it might assist to have a function design if you frequently discover it tough to remain determined. Somebody to admire, somebody who’s done fantastic marvels with her body, utilizing a range of exercise programs for females. Somebody like Ronda Rousey, who’s one of the hardest on the planet. In case you do not know her, she’s an UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, and she’s in fact the very first to have actually won this title … ever!

When she’s training for UFC battles, Rousey puts in impressive six-hour training sessions, 6 days each week. Dealing with her fitness instructor, she goes through a range of workouts and boxing to obtain her lean, toned, strong, nimble, and in terrific battling shape.

Her muscle training includes striking the heavy bag, sparring, mitt work and other boxing relocations, getting her prepared to bring the battle and respond to challengers.

Ronda Rousey’s 36-Hour each week Training Schedule – Ronda Rousey daily workout

ronda rousey workout video

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Ronda Rousey workout routine – Out of the gate I ‘d like to discuss that no one– other than professional athletes who make a living from training– works out that much. Exercising for 6 hours a day at high strength– and even low strength– is excessive for the typical individual. If you’re questioning exactly what a top-level UFC fighter like Rousey does for her day-to-day exercise strategy (for combating shape) take an appearance!

She performs workouts just like this—or certain variations—six days a week, for six hours a day, leading up to a fight.

  •  Stretching. She stretches her hips, shoulders and knees to get them loose and warm for the rest of the training session. Doing so reduces the risk of injury by adding heat and flexibility to the muscles. She uses a long stick to help posture and improve balance.
  • Next comes 10 minutes of jump rope to get her heart rate up.From there, she and her coach move over to hit the heavy bag. She performs various punches while she moving around the bag, employing some fancy footwork. This is intense! She punches around the bag consistently for about 10 to 12 timed rounds.
  • Gets in the ring for some boxing. She hits the mits with trainer for 10 to 15 rounds, each running for three or five minutes. Punching is a great whole-body workout. A proper punch activates the hips and shoulders, while requiring a tight core. It is also short, powerful bursts, which can increase strength and power. She will also do some shadowboxing, uppercuts, straight punches, and more holding 2-pound dumbbells. Finish with abs, which can sometimes include 2000 crunches

You’ll notice her workouts don’t feature any work with heavy weights, or much weight training at all. This is because she doesn’t need to. Her sport requires her to be quick, have great fitness and lots of power. So although she is strong, she doesn’t need heavy weights for her pre-fight training.

The Best Workout Programs For Women


Ronda practices martial arts like judo, and does a lot of HIIT (High intensity Interval Training).

HIIT is what you’ll be doing in this program.

It’s simple (not always easy, but yes, simple), and it gets results quick.

Combing HIIT and martial arts movements makes this one of the best workout programs for women.

Not only will you get toned, lean, and strong like Ronda, you’ll gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Work Out Like A Champion – Ronda Rousey bikini workout

A real champion has to train long hard hours every day.

Luckily, you don’t have to go that far, but if you have a long way to go to reach that fit body, aim for at least 4 to 5 days a week.

Ronda Rousey is a fit and accomplished woman, who uses many different workout programs for women, so she’s the ideal fitness model for every female.

Now that we’ve found your motivation, let’s take a look at what you could do in order to shed those extra pounds and get in shape quick.

It combines different types of exercises that target certain group muscles, in A-B or A-B-C formats.

It includes forms of exercising like aerobics, martial arts movements, cardio, Pilates and others, so it always keeps you on your toes and challenges you to burn those calories fast.

The interval training workout routine you’ll be doing right now is inspired by what champions like Ronda Rousey do in their workout programs for women, in order to stay fit and tone their muscles.

It’s made up of six different drills, all of which are very challenging, to begin with.

How to Perform The Exercises

Do the first three drills one after the other, then rest for one minute.

Do the last three drills one after the other, then rest for another minute.

In total, you should repeat this workout three times in total. This ensures you get the most benefit when doing workout programs for women.

How it looks:

  • Drill 1 – 40 seconds or 1 minute
  • Drill 2 – 40 seconds or 1 minute
  • Drill 3 – 40 seconds or 1 minute

One minute rest between them

  • Drill 4 – 40 seconds or 1 minute
  • Drill 5 – 40 seconds or 1 minute
  • Drill 6 – 40 seconds or 1 minute

Rest for one minute, then repeat the entire workout two more times.

If you’re really out of shape, take 10-15 seconds of active rest in between drills.

That means jogging in place, doing butt-kickers, or high knees to keep your heart rate up.

The same goes for the minute rests you take in between the 3-block drills.

If you have trouble keeping time, get a reliable timer that you can set to the intervals you need, and which alert you when it’s time to move to the next exercise while taking part in workout programs for women.

As you get in better shape and can muster more, make the drills longer.

Always push yourself to do more, even when those muscles burn like crazy.

More importantly, always do a few minutes of warm-up before exercising, and a few more of stretching afterward.

Drink lots of water whenever you feel the need, so you avoid dehydration and muscle spasms.

Workout Programs For Women: Let’s Begin Your New HIIT Routine!  – Ronda Rousey Workout plan

1. Drill One – Burpees

Get A Body Like Ronda Rousey With These 6 Exercises-Burpees

Burpees are one of the most common HIIT exercises in workout programs for women.

They start you off on some cardio movements that increase the heart rate and warm up those muscles.

To perform them correctly, you have to keep an alert rhythm.

Do them as fast as you can without losing balance and always keep your core tight.

How burpees are done:

  • Stand up straight, with your feet slightly apart.
  • Quickly drop down to a squat position, palms flat on the ground and pointed forward.
  • As you get down, push your feet back into a kind of pushup position.
  • Remember to keep your abs tight and your back straight.
  • Quicky come back to a squat position, keeping your palms on the floor.
  • Now jump right up, pointing your arms above your head and trying to get as high off the ground as you can.
  • Return to your starting position, and repeat as many burpees as you can in one minute.

Pro tip: If you have the energy and fitness, do an actual pushup when you get down on the floor. This will make the drill harder and help you work out your arms and abs a bit more. It’s challenging, but try to do it if you can.

2. Drill Two – Bear Crawls

Get A Body Like Ronda Rousey With These 6 Exercises-Bear Crawls

Bear crawls are another highly challenging exercise in workout programs for women that will target several group muscles throughout your body.

They’re going to be very difficult, but push through the burn and do as many as you can each minute.

If it becomes too tiring, slow down the pace, but don’t stop for good.

How bear crawls are done:

  • Make sure you have plenty of space around the room.
  • Get down on your hands and knees, with your palms flat on the floor pointing forward. The hands should be shoulder-width apart, and your back straight.
  • Tighten your belly.
  • Lift the knees off the ground slowly to keep balance.
  • Now move your right arm and your left leg forward simultaneously, and continue with your left arm and right leg.
  • Keep repeating this motion for the entire minute and never let your knees touch the ground.

Pro tip: To make workout programs for women more challenging, try going backwards as well, doing the same cross arm/leg motions. This helps even more if you haven’t enough space to go around.

3. Drill Three – Cross Hops

Get A Body Like Ronda Rousey With These 6 Exercises-Cross Hops

Cross hops are a great cardiovascular exercise, increasing your lung capacity and keeping the heart rate up throughout this workout.

They target your abs and quads, the calves, and improve your balance and coordination.

They are a great addition to all workout programs for women.

How cross hops are done:

  • Use some rope, strings or whatever else is handy to form a cross in the middle of the floor, or just imagine the cross if you don’t need the visuals.
  • Stand up straight, with your feet slightly apart.
  • Now start jumping up and down with both legs to the end points of the cross. Diversify by jumping back and forth, side to side, and diagonally to describe the cross.
  • Make sure you do all possible variations each minute while performing your workout programs for women.
  • Don’t jump too high, but move as fast as you can without losing your balance and make your landings soft (slightly bend the knees as you touch the ground).
  • Keep your back straight and your core tight throughout the exercise.

Pro tip: When your legs get stronger, and your balance and coordination better, increase the difficulty of cross hops by jumping on one foot at a time.

4. Drill Four – Shadow Box Jab-cross

Get A Body Like Ronda Rousey With These 6 Exercises-Shadow Box

The shadow box jab-cross is a great exercise to increase body and breathing awareness.

When doing workout programs for women, shadow boxing helps tone your arms and shoulders, and requires some breathing-movement coordination when you get it right.

Start off slow, and increase the rapidity of your movements as you go along and become more confident.

How shadow box jab-crosses are done:

  • Stand up, keeping your left foot slightly forward, and bend the elbows in front of your ribs. You should mimic the guard position boxers or MMA fighters keep.
  • Keep the palms slightly clenched. You can reverse this position if you’re left-handed, or if you want to challenge yourself.
  • Imagine an opponent in front of you.
  • Throw your left arm into a jab, imagining you’re hitting your opponent’s chin. To perform a jab, you extend your arm forward in a straight line and turn your palm towards the floor, then retract it back in guard.
  • Throw your right arm into a cross. To perform across, rotate the hips counterclockwise as you lift your left heel from the floor. The arm is extended forward in a straight line, and the palm faces the floor. Then retract it back to guard.
  • Keep alternating these punches. To make it more challenging, mix up these combinations by doing jab-cross-jab and jab-jab-cross movements.
  • Move your feet and shift around the room while you exercise.

Pro tip: Make your movements as fast as you can, and don’t stop at all during each minute. To increase the challenge while doing workout programs for women, take a small dumbbell in each hand, or use small bottles filled with water. You’ll really feel those arm muscles burn!

5. Drill Five – Jumping Squats

Get A Body Like Ronda Rousey With These 6 Exercises-Jumping Squats

Jumping squats are performed just like regular squats, but when you come back up, you combine them with an explosive jump.

This gives workout programs for women a cardio character that also challenges your balance and pushes your leg muscles more.

How jumping squats are done:

  • Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend the knees and lower towards the floor while keeping your back straight and your abdomen tight. Unlike regular squats, here you should keep your arms down to slightly touch the floor as you reach down.
  • Quickly jump back up, keeping your head high and throwing the arms up with fingers pointing to the ceiling.
  • Make landings soft by slightly bending the knees as you touch the floor.
  • Quickly lower into a squat position again, and keep repeating these movements as fast as you can throughout the entire minute.

Pro tip: To increase the difficulty of jumping squats and challenge your balance, turn to 180 degrees in the middle of the jump, so you face the opposite direction when you land. This bonus also helps tone your core while doing workout programs for women.

6. Drill Six – MMA Knee Strikes

Get A Body Like Ronda Rousey With These 6 Exercises-MMA Knees Strikes

MMA knee strikes are an amazing endurance exercise that tones your glutes and core.

They also require some coordination, increasing body awareness, and provide cardio movements that burn calories fast. Exactly what you want in your workout programs for women.

How MMA knee strikes are done:

  • Stand up, keeping your left foot forward, and bend the elbows in front of your ribs. Mimic the guard position we mentioned earlier while keeping your palms slightly clenched.
  • Reverse this position if you’re left-handed, or if you want to challenge your coordination and balance.
  • Imagine an opponent in front of you.
  • Your lead leg should take a half step forward. As you do that, the same leg should move to a slightly counter-clockwise position. Land on the ball of your foot, keeping the heel off the ground.
  • Immediately follow with your other leg by throwing the knee forward. While performing workout programs for women imagine you’re hitting the opponent with the tip of your knee, which should be bent at about 45 degrees. To keep your balance, lean back a bit, keeping the foot close to your butt.
  • Return to the initial position and repeat this movement ten times, as fast as you can without losing balance.
  • After ten repetitions, switch to the other leg and do ten more reps. Do this as many times as you can in one minute.

Pro tip: To increase the challenge of these knee strikes, switch the striking leg with every repetition. This improves your condition, balance and coordination.

There you have it: 6 exercises to get a body like Ronda Rousey, using one of the best workout programs for women.

Now you’re ready to start working out like a champion!

These difficult, but wonderful exercises will tone your body in no-time, giving you flat abs, strong legs, well defined arms, and an enviable posture.

Remember to keep pushing yourself through the repetitions as much as you can.

Some workout programs for women are harder than others. Remember: Don’t give up on yourself!

When this workout starts to feel too easy, increase the time for each drill, or add more repetitions.

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