Top 10 Golden Rules Of Oral Sex To Make or Break Your Relationship

Rules Of Oral Sex – Relations are a complex thing. Very hard, very soft, faster or deeper. So that stimulating the penis stops being a taboo subject, we talked with the sexologist of the brand of condoms Durex, Marianela Arias and we bring you some basic rules to make oral sex a more pleasant experience.Golden Rules Of Oral Sex

1. Ask is basic

Knowing what your partner likes and how you prefer it is essential. Communication is key: Ask if you want it to be softer, slower or harder. That will not only allow you to enjoy it more, it will also excite you.

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2. Enjoyment is mutual

For your partner to enjoy, you must enjoy it too. If oral sex is not your thing and you will do it because you feel “obligated” or to “do a favor”, it is better that you do not do it. If you decide that fellatio will not be part of the sexual encounter, think of some other sexual practice that compensates, to keep the heat of the moment.

3. Care and zero teeth

The head of the penis is quite sensitive. You should not make very abrupt movements, nor manipulate it too strongly, unless the person receiving the fellatio requests it. Of course, be careful with your teeth, as a bite, in short, will ruin the moment.

4. Language is our friend

Do not keep the movement of your mouth. Stimulating the head of the penis with the tongue can have an incredibly pleasurable effect on man. The key is to start slowly and pay special attention to the area of the frenulum: tapping the tongue and stroking it with the tongue extended and not pointed is the best way to raise the temperature.

5. Pressure and suction are indispensable allies

To take advantage of the mouth, pressure and suction must be applied. It is not about moving without stopping. According to Arias, in the suction, the action must come from the tongue to the palate. In addition, doing a slight pressure with the lips is vital to generate greater joy. Again, be careful with your teeth!

6. Use your hands

It is ideal to think of pleasure beyond the mouth. An extra hand will not hurt. You can use your hands to stimulate the penis and testicles during fellatio. This will definitely raise the temperature of the encounter. Touching your body is also an option, everything is in the imagination.

7. As deep as both agree

In the heat of the moment, who receives the fellatio can ask for more depth, but the idea is to have a good time and not that the arcades make them both pass an uncomfortable moment. According to the sexologist, greater depth is not equivalent to greater pleasure. The idea of the deep throat comes from the porn movies, but what provokes more excitement is what is seen and not necessarily the sensation it provokes.

8. Have fun with lubricants

It is worth adding flavor. In the market there are options with fruit flavors or sweets that you can try. Mind you, make sure that the lubricants are water based. It is also worth using chantilly cream or chocolate syrup.

9. Swallow? Only if you want

If you do not like it, it is best if your partner always warns you when you are near orgasm. Otherwise, it leads to unnecessary distrust. It is ideal that they agree on a signal if he should warn when the climax is near. If you are concerned about the caloric content of semen, do not be alarmed: it has 2 to 5 calories only.

10. Without grabbing the head

It is very uncomfortable that you are pulling your head to increase pressure or speed. The sexologist Arias advises that whoever is “down there” controls the depth and rhythm.

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