Sommer Ray Diet + The Super Foods and Proteins For Massive Buttocks

Sommer Ray Diet – Let us take an inside peek at the foods, meals, meal plans, recipes, supplements and diet of Sommer Ray. We will also be exposing you to some of the best foods and diets you can eat or have as part of your daily diet to have a massive butt or glutes. Obtaining a big butt in a natural way requires a very special approach in 2 areas: Physical Exercise and Food.The Sommer Ray Diet

Did you know that the appearance of our body comes in 30% of physical training and 70% of our diet?

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So if you want to get a curvaceous silhouette, with a thin waist and a prominent back, you will have to make the changes that are necessary in these 2 aspects.

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  • Protein foods to increase the backside
  • Powdered proteins

Before getting into the topic of what to eat to develop the buttocks better, we must remember some basic things.

When we do exercises for the buttocks, we cause microscopic breaks in the fibers of our muscles. This places our glutes in a recovery phase called the “muscle repair phase”. Our body begins to synthesize the proteins to repair these breaks to make our butt become stronger and bigger than before so that your muscles do not break again! (Look at the diagram below).

Muscular growth

If you do not get the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats your muscles will not have a way to repair themselves and they will become smaller and weaker. This is why it is vital that you eat the right foods!

Many people make the mistake of neglecting their diet when they start a new exercise program. They underestimate the importance of nutrition and the way food is literally the building blocks of the body.

People who start an intense training program but have a poor diet, actually end up getting a smaller butt! Can you imagine spending hours in the gym, exercising, only to see that there are no results or worse yet, to end up with an even smaller butt?

This happens all the time to people who do not follow a proper diet or do not know the proper exercises. This is why it is so frustrating for most people not to see the results in the gym. They just do not understand that 80% of the battle is what they put in their mouth!

In this article we will talk about:

– The 6 high-protein foods that work faster in giving you a bigger butt without causing you to store more fat in the abdomen
– The 8 Superfoods that contain fat or carbohydrates and yet will help reduce your waist, prevent cancer and improve your hair and your skin
– The importance of protein to increase and develop the muscles of your butt

The 6 Super Proteins!

proteins for bigger butt

“Super proteins” are foods that are relatively low in saturated fats and contain high amounts of quality protein.

These foods are “Super Proteins” because they contain all the amino acids that the body needs to build and develop muscles.

Besides being complete proteins, the best foods to develop muscles have a classification of high biological value, which means that the protein they contain can be used by the body more easily due to the configuration of the amino acids, thus providing you with a great back if you combine them with the correct exercises!

In summary, includes the following foods to obtain a more effective muscle growth and a faster recovery after your gluteal augmentation exercises.

  • Eggs
  • Fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia)
  • Poultry (chicken, turkey)
  • Beans / Legumes
  • Lean red meat
  • Whey protein powder

The 8 Super Foods!

There are many misconceptions about the foods that should be avoided, the most mentioned are carbohydrates and high-fat foods.

What people do not realize is that there are healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates that are absolutely necessary for a balanced diet and the development of a big butt.

You should never avoid ALL fats and ALL carbohydrates.

Eating certain fats – like healthy fats – does not make you fat, sugars are what make you fat! Healthy fats actually help burn fat, your body accumulates body fat if you do not eat foods rich in natural fat. The same happens with water. Your body accumulates water if it does not receive water.

Here is a list of what some experts call “Super Foods” because they are rich in vitamins and minerals, abundant in antioxidants and help the body in the synthesis of proteins, which are the building blocks to get a bigger butt!

  • Mixed nuts
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Oats
  • Berries (cherries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.)

These superfoods combined with the super proteins mentioned above will give you the best combination of getting both a super butt and a wasp waist!

Now, these are not necessarily “foods”, but they are also considered “super”:

  • Coconut oil
  • Tea (Oolong, white and green)
  • Water

There are more reasons to eat these foods than simply getting a beautiful butt. Eat the right foods:

  • it will improve the strength and shine of your hair
  • will help with the production of collagen in the skin
  • will improve and prevent the appearance of wrinkles
  • will strengthen the nails
  • will help reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • will improve bad breath due to poor digestion
  • will add energy to your day so you can spend more time doing the things you like
  • and most importantly, it will reduce your chances of diabetes, cancer and heart attacks, thus giving you a longer, healthier and happier life!

We could literally write a whole book about the proper diet that is needed to achieve the body of your dreams, but there is so much information! So, to keep this as simple as possible, we have decided to include an example diet that meets all the dietary needs of the day:

Sample Diet to Develop Buttocks

chicken breasts to develop buttocks

A bowl of cooked oatmeal – 1 cup of oatmeal cooked in water. Once cooked add a teaspoon of coconut oil and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Optional: Add blueberries, strawberries or raspberries for an additional flavor!

Turkey sandwich – Made with delicious slices of whole wheat bread, low-sodium turkey, low-sodium Swiss cheese, tomato and fresh spinach leaves.

Classic Chicken: 5 oz. Of grilled chicken breast, 1 cup of steamed broccoli, half a cup of brown rice.

Immediately after training:
Protein shake: Brands of choice (Biochem 100% Whey Protein – All Natural ) This is the whey protein isolate (Isolate Whey Protein), of better quality and is more easily assimilated.

It is best to take it after workouts for accelerated muscle recovery. You can find this in many supplement stores, but it is more affordable to obtain it online, through Amazon for example.

These are just some of the things that one can eat to develop the glutes. They are very simple, cheap and totally accessible food no matter where you are!

The Importance of Protein

Importance of Protein shakes for buttMany people believe that doing exercises is enough to get a big butt. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as many are losing sight of the key elements essential for muscle growth and recovery, that is, proteins.

You see, the protein is made up of 8 essential amino acids and 14 non-essential amino acids. These amino acids are what make our muscles grow.

Although most of us have protein in our diet, the question remains, are you getting enough protein in your daily diet to maintain muscle growth in your buttocks?

You can do all these exercises for the buttocks and more, and not get that round ass you want so much if you do not get the right protein. Protein is the cornerstone for muscle growth, and without it your butt will not grow.

How many grams of protein should I then include in my diet?

This table shows the approximate amount of protein you should eat per day if you want to increase muscle mass, if you include a protein shake between meals, it will be easier to reach the amount of protein you may need.

Protein Groups infographic

  • In general, for a non-athlete, it is recommended to eat between 0.6 – 0.8 grams per kg.
  • If you are looking to increase muscular mass, it is recommended to eat between 1.5 – 2 grams per kg. of body weight. In the case of women, the ideal range would be between 1.3 – 1.7 g per kg of body weight.
  • It is not recommended to exceed 2g per kg of body weight per day as they can cause kidney or liver problems.

Sources: Scitec-Nutritiones and Ehow

Below we present the 3 main types of proteins and when you should take each one for optimal muscle growth.

1. Whey Protein – A derivative of milk, this is the most commonly used protein and is taken before and after training due to its rapid absorption. This is also a great protein to take between meals and is probably the least expensive of all types.

If you are lactose intolerant, whey protein has had almost all of its lactose removed and may be a better option for people with this problem.

2. Casein protein – This is a slow-absorbing protein, that is, the protein content is released slowly in your body for several hours.

This property makes it an excellent protein to take before going to sleep and keeps you in an anabolic state throughout the night. This means that during this time, your body will absorb and use these proteins while you sleep.

3. Protein Blend – Mixed protein powder mixtures exist, which combine both whey protein and casein protein for the benefit of having both a slow and rapid absorption of protein in the body.

Finally, we have to clarify a couple of things:

  • That taking these protein supplements are good only IF you’re looking to gain lean muscles in general.
  • The proteins will NOT help you gain a bigger butt just because you take a lot of protein shakes without doing any exercise. Proteins by themselves will NOT DO ANYTHING if you DO NOT TRAIN INTENSELY WITH WEIGHTS.
  • Excessive consumption of protein powder supplements can cause side effects such as diarrhea, gas, dizziness, gastrointestinal problems as well as liver or kidney problems in some people.
  • People who DO NOT train intensively with weights or practice sports with high demand, those people who suffer from osteoporosis or have a predisposition to suffer it, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women, SHOULD AVOID CONSUMING any type of protein powder supplement.
  • It is best to consult a doctor or professional nutritionist BEFORE taking any type of protein powder supplement or other types of nutritional supplement to avoid and/or prevent possible health complications.

With all this said, here is an excellent video that shows some of the best proteins for women:


Top 10 Cheapest Protein Foods in India (Veg & Non-Veg)


1. Isopure Zero Carb – Cookies & Cream 3lbs
2. Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed – Gourmet Chocolate 5lbs
3. USANA Meal Replacement – Dutch Chocolate
4. Zero Carb SRO – Vanilla 4.4lb
5. Delight Fitmiss – Vanilla Pack of 3

Now you know what foods you should include in your diet and how including a protein powder supplement after you have trained your butt hard in the gym will make you experience better progress. If you liked the article Like it, and share it on your social networks.

Sommer Ray Diet and Meal Plans

Sommer Ray Diet and Meal Plans

Sommer Ray Diet – Sommer don’t seem to share a lot of information on her personal diet, recipes and meal plans but by looking at her instagram photos and videos we can get a fair idea as what she eats on a day to day basis to have her body in shape.

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