Sommer Ray The New “Hot” Goddess of Fitness – Ass that changed Instagram

She is Sommer Ray, the new goddess of fitness who is causing a lot of commotion in social networks thanks to her buttocks … How did she achieve it? She publishes her routines, tables and exercises that have helped her to have this body. Let’s see…  Discipline is a very important factor for the now queen of fitness  Sommer Ray, who, with more than 17 million followers, never tires of delighting with her charms, which make us always want a little taste of her.

In the world of social networks swarm various accounts related to the fitness world, but who today takes the crown is this young woman originally from the United States, specifically Denver, who has even competed with the majestic Jen Selter (more than 11 million of followers).

The Head Twisting Result of What Hard Work Brings – Sommer Ray Hot – Instagram Hot and Sexiest (Ass) Fitness Model Photos

Sommer’s fame – She began when her tanned skin, her impact figure and her look captivated when she got the first place in an open bikini in the United States, a fact that later put her in the spotlight on different brands of products related to exercise. But Sommer’s career does not just focus on it. To date, it has a YouTube channel where, in addition to showing how it maintains that impact body, its followers will be able to do various exercises to emulate it.

If you still think we are exaggerating about the undoubted beauty of this coach, these photos will confirm why we call her the muse of fitness.

Sommer Sexy photo trying to get a cab

Sommer exceeds 15 million followers on Instagram, unseating Jen Selter (11.4 million).

Sommer Take sexy selfie

She is 20 years old, boasts curves on Instagram and is a Fitness fanatic. Exercises and healthy diet are some of its keys …

Sexy photo of Sommer taking a swing

Sommer Sexy bowling photo

In addition, it is fitness coaching and won the first position of the open bikini of the United States.

sexy face picture of Sommer Ray

Exremely sexy picture of Sommer Ray

His 86 centimeters of bust and 61 of waist make him one of the most influential girls in the networks, currently … that yes, keeps hidden data from his waist.

Fitness queen Sommer Ray showing off her sexy body

instagram sexy photo of Sommer Ray
It is the face of a well-known brand of food supplements, for which he records some exercise routines, and he usually posts them on his Instagram.

really really sexy picture of Sommer Ray

Next, you can see how your workouts are and how this body has achieved:

Sommer Ray Habitual Motivation


And here another of his videos …

Ana Cheri and Sommer Ray Hot workout. HD


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