Stephanie Ayala Diet + Top 10 Foods + 4 Secrets to Burn (No muscle loss)

Stephanie Ayala Diet – Let’s hear from Ayala her self as she invites us through her videos as to what she eats, supplements,  foods, recipes, meal plans, breakfast, grocery list and her own nutritional tips and advise as to what she thinks is the most effective way to get you into an amazing shape, health, and body.  Combine with Stephanie Ayala Diet is  the foods and 4 secrets you can use to burn fat without muscle loss. One of the big drawbacks, when you start exercising or undergo a rigorous diet to lose weight, is how to eliminate fat without losing muscle.Top Stephanie Ayala Diet Tips

American Family Physician of the United States explains that when you lose weight too fast, you are most likely losing more water and muscle instead of fat . He suggests that in order not to reduce muscle mass it is important to lose up to 900 grams per week .

Achieves a firm and stylish body

The United States Sports Academy explains that burning fat to generate energy and maintain proteins in muscle tissue are processes that are performed at the same time but independently.

Therefore, if your desire to eliminate fat without losing muscle has been a difficult task, we share some recommendations that will help you.

1. Have breakfast. National Council on Strength and Fitness explains that with prolonged fasting or skipping meals the body begins to lose stored fat and muscle . The recommendation is to integrate all food groups into the breakfast : proteins (25%), fruits (20%), cereals (25%) and vegetables(30%).

ecrease calorie consumption. The healthy thing is that in the diet you integrate less caloric foods that help you to reduce your habitual consumption. With 500 calories is enough to not destabilize the body and lose muscle, suggest some specialists.

The study Effects of aerobic or resistance exercise and / or diet on glucose tolerance and plasma levels in obese men confirms that when lowering a thousand calories to the daily diet and combining it with training three times a week, it is possible to lose 9 g. of fat and maintain muscle mass.

3. Control the consumption of proteins. These are essential to building strong and healthy muscles so it is important that you monitor their consumptionInternational Conference on Foods, Nutrition and Sports Perfomance recommend that athletes consume 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

4. Exercise with less weight. Kinesiologists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, say that when it comes to building muscle and losing fat the important thing is to lift little weight and do more repetitions than to carry a lot less weight.

If you want to build more muscle, a proven technique is to carry less weight until the last repetition is very difficult, “concludes Stuart Phillips of McMaster University .

Remember the importance of consulting a nutritionist who will give you the best recommendations according to your complexion, age, lifestyle. Start today!

10 foods to gain muscle mass and burn fat

Having a marked body is possible if you know how to increase muscle mass correctly.

In addition to carrying out a routine that helps you, you need to lean on foods that help you gain muscle, as recommended in a study by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Nutrition is the fundamental basis that can determine the success or resounding failure of your training routine.

Food: your great allies

1. Spinach

Popeye ate them for something, right? This vegetable contains an important source of glutamine, an important amino acid for the development of lean muscle mass. It also helps you increase endurance and muscle tone.

2. Low-fat dairy

Being low in fat content do not contribute much fat to the body and in general provide other essential nutrients to be able to build muscles easily.

3. Eggs

Eggs and muscle

Eggs – isolated on white

He is king of the diets to enlarge the muscles. The largest amount of protein is in your clear, so you can consume two a day.

4. Lean Meat

Lean meat to gain muscle mass

Raw pork shoulder and stuffing on a chopping board

If you do not know how to increase muscle mass , this food is rich in protein and creatine which will help you to form the desired muscle faster.

5. Chicken

Chicken to gain muscle mass

Chicken with mushrooms and sauce

For every 100 grams of chicken breast you get 30 grams of protein. It is a good source of protein and it becomes an economical and healthy alternative.

6. Tuna

Tuna help with muscle mass

It is one of the foods constituted almost exclusively by proteins, it is metabolized with ease and is a perfect ally for all those who do not know how to increase muscle mass.

7. Legumes

Legumes to gain muscle mass

Woman sprinkling cilantro to beans

If you do not know how to increase muscle mass with these foods, consume lentils, chickpeas, beans and soy.

8. Nuts or seeds

nuts and seed to gain muscle mass


They are rich in proteins, fibers and healthy fats (especially nuts and almonds). Try to eat small portions a day.

9. Antioxidant

antitoxidant foods to gain muscle mass

Bowl of Yogurt with Honey, Fruit, and Granola

They help us in the deterioration of the muscle cells, and in particular vitamins C and E that favor the anabolic process of recovery, regeneration and cell growth in the muscles.

10. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates - gain muscle

Carbohydrate-rich foods

Whole wheat pasta, wheat bread, oatmeal. This type of food will shape legs, arms and buttocks.

Having the body you want is possible if you know the correct way to increase muscle mass. For which food do you opt?

Stephanie Ayala Diet and Meal Plan

Stephanie Ayala Diet and Meal Plan

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