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Stephanie Ayala Fitness – Here is a look at Stephanie Ayala fitness and health videos where she gives you tips and tricks that you can use to stay fit and trim and have an amazing body while you are on your journey to an amazing life.  Combine with Stephanie Ayala Fitness videos is a HIIT ultimate guide to assist you to make a greater improvement in your training. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the best methods to improve your cardiovascular health, respiratory rate and metabolism to burn fat.Best Stephanie Ayala Fitness Tips

HIIT is one of the training methods that help activate the metabolism, since it helps us to continue burning fat, even after physical activity.

What Exactly Is A HIIT Training?

What Exactly Is A HIIT Training

By knowing all the benefits that this training can bring to your health, I am sure that you will not hesitate to practice it. But what exactly is HIIT and why is it so effective and beneficial for your body?

Basically, high-intensity interval exercises combine short demanding periods of physical activity (anaerobic), with brief recovery breaks. These sequences have to be repeated several times, generally, in periods of 20 to 30 minutes.

A number of scientific studies have shown the superiority of the exercises with high-intensity intervals, not only when it comes to improving cardiovascular endurance, but also when it comes to burning fat.

Studies carried out by scientists have compared the results and advances of traditional aerobic exercises against HIIT exercises. The results are convincing and speak for themselves:

  • People who performed traditional exercises lost an average of 4.5mm subcutaneous fat.
  • Those who performed HIIT exercises lost 13.99mm.

This means an efficiency three times higher, consuming half the energy during physical activity.

The effectiveness of HIIT training is undeniable and is due to four main factors:

  1. It generates a more dynamic hormonal response, which translates into increased production of testosterone and growth hormone.
  2. Increases insulin sensitivity in people who do not exercise regularly, which reduces the likelihood of accumulating fat and allows it to be used as fuel more easily.
  3. It causes a greater mitochondrial biogenesis, responsible for the burning of fat.
  4. Keep burning fat, even after training. This process takes place at the moment when the body, after the stress of the exercise, tries to return to its equilibrium point. For this, it sets in motion a process of activation of oxygen and energy that helps to burn the fat, known as EPOC effect.

What is the Famous EPOC Effect?

What is the Famous EPOC Effect

When your body spends a lot of energy in a short time, it can not get rid of carbohydrates, since there is not enough oxygen reserves, then the body starts to burn fat to get the oxygen it needs.

Any physical activity leaves room for a later COPD. The body increases its metabolism and consumes more energy. However, when we practice high intensity interval exercises, the EPOC effect is maximized considerably, and it has been discovered that it can last up to 30 hours after the physical activity is over. The determinant for the duration of the COPD effect is the degree of intensity of the exercises, that is, in an intense and relatively short activity, your body will continue to burn fat, even when sitting on your couch enjoying a movie.

HIIT and Cardiovascular Health

HIIT and Cardiovascular Health

Several studies have shown that the physical activity that implies a displacement of our body, as HIIT exercises do, promotes an improvement in the mobility of our joints and in VO 2 max (maximum amount of oxygen that the body can absorb, transport and consume in one minute for each kilogram of body weight). It is important to consider this term, since this amount of oxygen is an indicator of your heart and lung health.

By practicing HIIT training, we tone our heart, as we force it to increase its rhythm. And if we do it repeatedly, we can acquire greater resistance, accustoming our body to recover quickly and with less rest.

At the beginning, you will require effort and dedication to keep your heart rate elevated for a considerable period of time, but after regaining your breath and stabilizing your heart during periods of rest and recovery, you will forge an enviable figure, a healthy heart and a physical state, worthy of the best athletes.

practicing HIIT training

The Benefits of HIIT for Muscle Growth

In addition to all the benefits that HIIT gives us in our sports performance, it also stimulates the production of the hormone IGF-1, responsible for the production of lean muscle mass.

Also, thanks to the fact that high-intensity training is carried out in short periods of time, glycogen reserves are not depleted, thus preventing the loss of muscle mass (catabolism). Therefore, it is the ideal to lose fat and preserve the precious muscle mass that we struggle to achieve so much effort. It is best to do periods of 40 to 60 minutes of any high-intensity exercise.

The Benefits of HIIT for Muscle Growth

Who is the HIIT for?

Although it seems strange, maybe the HIIT is not for everyone. We must take into account that the body is subjected to great stress and physical demand, so if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it may not be a good idea. If this is your case, I recommend that you carry out a pre-conditioning process.

Some studies have shown that intensity can be detrimental to sedentary adults who are around 50 years old. Therefore, it is important that you start slowly to avoid injuries or more serious difficulties. But do not be scared, just take the necessary precautions, since the HIIT workouts have proven to be extremely safe, efficient and well accepted by most people.

Your Own HIIT Home Training

Your Own HIIT Home Training

have some preference for some type of exercise. Whether it’s running, swimming or riding a bike. Any of them you can put into practice with the scheme of high-intensity intervals. However, we do not always have time to practice them. That’s why we bring you some simple and very effective examples, to make them in the comfort of your home:

Let’s do it

  • Stand up straight, raise your right leg and make your left elbow join the left knee. Return to the starting position and then lift your left leg until your knee hits your right elbow. Repeat this procedure 30 seconds at a moderate level.
  • Then, without resting, perform a squat and when you get up, kick off with your right leg. Repeat the same procedure and when you get up, kick off with your left leg. Repeat this procedure 20 seconds at an intense level.
  • With his legs closed and his arms close to his body, he jumps and opens his legs and arms at the same height. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 20 seconds at a moderate level.
  • Standing, make a jump and try to get your knees to your chest. Repeat the exercise 20 seconds at an intense level.
  • Start jogging on your own site for 20 seconds at a moderate level.
  • Rest for a minute.
  • Stand with your legs at shoulder height, bend your knees and touch your ankles with your hands. When you get up, take advantage of the impulse to take a brisk leap, as high as you can. Repeat the procedure 20 seconds at an intense level.
  • Position yourself as if you were kneeling with one leg bent and another on the floor. Using the strength of your leg resting on the floor, jump and exchange position legs. Do this exercise 30 seconds at a moderate level.
  • Standing with his legs together, he makes small jumps from right to left with a permanent rhythm for 30 seconds at a moderate level.
  • Standing with your legs together, jump and bend your knees until they form a 90 degree angle for 30 seconds at an intense level.

Surely it will be more useful to perform these exercises observing them.

HIIT workout For Beginners Infographics

The Body Systems and HIIT Benefits

The Body Systems and HIIT Benefits

As you may have already noticed, the effectiveness of HIIT exercises depends on its intensity. As you adapt, you will begin to see obvious changes in your body:

  • Your cardiovascular health and resistance will be the first to benefit.
  • Your body’s ability to absorb and generate oxygen will increase considerably.
  • The production level of your hormones will increase. If you are a man your testosterone level will rise, which will accentuate your masculine traits. And, if you are a woman, you will produce more estrogen, which will make you look more feminine.
  • It will significantly improve your performance and sex life.
  • Your blood circulation will be more fluid and healthy.

A study conducted in the American Journal of Psychology, found that HIIT exercises improved endothelial function in sedentary and active people. Similarly, he discovered that these exercises are extremely beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes. When researchers measured blood flow in people with diabetes Before, during and after physical activity, they found a significant improvement in blood flow and in the quality of the blood their heart pumped. To make matters worse, the HIIT exercises improved insulin sensitivity, because glucose is used as fuel during high-intensity exercise to satisfy the sudden demand for energy and preventing it from being stored in the adipose tissues of our waist. Additionally, the improvement of insulin sensitivity implies an improvement in muscle building and recovery.

On the other hand, if you have suffered a heart disease such as heart disease, angina pectoris, acute myocardial infarction or heart failure, it is best to consult your doctor to instruct you on the physical activity you can do. Except for these exceptions, which obviously require the consultation of a professional, everyone can practice HIIT.

You do not need to spend many hours in the gym to achieve the results you so desire. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes to get all your benefits.

Undoubtedly, the HIIT will be increasingly popular in the world of fitness and, little by little, will be positioned as the preferred method of athletes of all levels, for its effectiveness and optimization of time and resources. Now lets look at Stephanie Ayala Fitness and health Tips.

Stephanie Ayala Fitness and Health

Stephanie Ayala Fitness and Health

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