Structure House Diet Plan – A Far Better and Indept Understanding

Structure House Diet Plan: Understanding how the Structure House Weight Loss Plan Works- Losing weight is something that lots of people want to do, but comparatively few are successful at it. Sometimes we can’t seem to muster the willpower to stick to a diet. Others, we stick with a diet and may even lose weight, only to go back to our old habits and end up right back where we started. Why is losing weight and keeping it off so hard?

All too often, difficulties in losing weight are largely psychological. Despite our best intentions, we fall into patterns that keep us overweight because we do not have the right attitudes toward food. When this is the problem, diets, exercise and supplements are at best a temporary fix. In order to be successful, we must alter the way we think about food and eating.

This is the principle behind the Structure House Weight Loss Plan. More than just a diet, the Structure House plan takes a holistic approach to weight loss. It combines a sensible eating plan and exercise regimen with an analysis of the emotional reasons that we overeat or eat the wrong kinds of foods.

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan gets its name from a weight loss facility in Durham, North Carolina. In business since 1977, Structure House has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight with its residential program. Unlike the familiar spa-type program, however, Structure House offers classes, therapy and medical treatment as well as exercise facilities and diet planning. Participants may attend for 1 to 4 weeks.

The Structure House facility serves up to seventy participants per week on its 21-acre campus. It is staffed with a team of doctors and professionals and headed by Dr. Gerard J. Musante. The residential program has been applauded by leagues of doctors and nutritionists for its sensible approach.

The Book – Structure House Diet

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan book discusses the triggers behind problem eating and how to better cope with them. It offers advice to prevent overeating in specific situations. Instead of prescribing a strict diet, it teaches readers how to take control of their eating habits so that they may make better choices on their own.

While not nearly as comprehensive as the residential program, the book has received accolades from experts. Health Magazine named the Structure House Weight Loss Plan America’s healthiest diet, citing its emphasis on exercise, emotional factors and good nutrition.

For those who have struggled with weight loss for many years, a residential program is often the best answer. Unfortunately, such programs are very expensive and require participants to take time off of work, so they are out of reach for many. The Structure House Weight Loss Plan book packs a great deal of the information offered in the residential program into a few hundred pages. If you’re serious about losing weight, this book could give you the tools you need to succeed.

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