During the recording of ‘ Deadpool 2 ‘  stunt woman died on the set. Joi Harris had lost control of her steering wheel during a stunt and was thus affected by a glass window. According to police, Joi died as a result of her injuries. We wish her family and friends a lot of strength.


The report shows that the medical team still tried to help her, but the stunt woman has died at the scene of the accident. It is also said that she did not wear a helmet during the performance of the stunt because it was in the description of her character.

The cast and crew of the film are very difficult with the death of their beloved colleague. For example, Ryan Reynolds posted on Instagram: “Today we have lost a member of our crew in a tragic way while recording” Deadpool “. We are shocked and are really breaking the news. Still, the sadness we now can not measure the pain that her family and loved ones feel now. My heart is with them and every person who has known her. ”

In addition to Ryan Reynolds, the director of the film, David Leitch, released a statement. “I’m very sorry that we lost one of our stunt women today. There are no words that can describe what the “Deadpool” crew feels about this tragedy. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and loved ones. ”

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