Taking Pictures Naked Doing Yoga Is The New Trend On Instagram

Taking pictures naked doing yoga – It’s called Naked Yoga and it already has more than 679,000 followers. The photos are amazing – and some are for sale.

Trends in the fitness world are constantly evolving, whether in the food or sports arena. The list joins now one more – less conventional and lighter – to practice naked yoga. This movement already has more than 679,000 followers on the Instagram and is called Naked Yoga.

The hashtag #NYGyoga has been released through the Instagram @ nude_yogagirl account which, although it never reveals who it is, the author claims to be a model and photographer. In your feed, you can view over 400 posts with amazing poses and photos.

In an interview with the American site ” The Cut ” in 2015, when the movement was not yet known, explained that the goal of this type of yoga is to inspire people to try yoga but also to accept the body from this mode.

For this reason, the model and photographer of 27 years encourages other women to publish naked photographs to do yoga. So far, more than 500 women have agreed to do so

In New York, there is a studio that is dedicated exclusively to this practice. Flame-e Bold & Naked Yoga .

With the success of @ nude_yogagirl’s photographs, the accountant has created a website where she sells her photographs in portraits of various sizes. Prices range from € 40 to € 215.

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The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.❤

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We all have some bad habits. I leave things after me and I’m quick to make a mess! I never take completely free days off from work. I answer to private facebook messages usually very late. I schedule too many things for a single day because I think that different tasks take shorter than they actually do. And when I’m stressed, I repeat and say my to-do list out loud instead of taking the time to write it down. Another bad habit is that I take just bites from cookies, cakes, bread, cheese etc. and leave the rest in the package. Not very nice for the one who goes after them next.😉 ❤ Many bad habits aren't maybe so bad that we would see reason to change them. It takes a lot of patience and effort to change habits! We know what we should do to correct them but where can we find the motivation? ❤️ Now after our trip in Bali, I have so much energy that I want to try and get rid off my bad habits. A rest period makes wonders!😊 ❤ What is your bad habit!? ❤ Thank you @wapadiume for the relaxing stay. #bali #ubud

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