Tammy Hembrow Workout + Top 5 + 3 Foods to Increase Muscle Mass

Tammy Hembrow Workout – Today we will be looking at the Tammy Hembrow workout and routines that she does to keep her body in shape and looking amazing. We will also be checking the 8 top foods that you can eat starting as of today to start increasing your muscle mass right off the bat. When we start an exercise plan, we are generally looking to improve our health and, in addition, our appearance.Best Tammy Hembrow Workout

We want to feel and see ourselves well. However, it is not always known what to eat to increase muscle mass , a very simple point but that we should incorporate as a habit. Two of the most common goals are to lose fat and gain muscle volume.

The key point is to understand that both things are achieved together if we plan a good strategy. Regarding fat loss, we have already seen some foods that help us to burn fat naturally, something that we must complement with exercise.

To gain muscle volume there are very specific exercises, with a certain load and repetitions designed in that sense.

The bricks that make up the muscle, to put it simply, are proteins.

Therefore we will see more than anything foods that have a high protein content, but that in turn provide us with other important nutrients. Let’s see a list of foods that will help us a lot in this regard.

8 Foods you should eat to increase muscle mass:

1.- Eggs

Eggs to increase muscle mass

Eggs are the best idea for a breakfast if we want to eat well and lose weight.

The high protein content of the eggs make them key to build muscle, as each egg provides about 7 grams of high-value proteins.

What not everyone knows is that they have an important content of vitamins, Calcium, Iron and Zinc.

2.- Chicken

Chicken to increase muscle mass

The chicken breast provides a lot of protein and very little fat. The other advantage is the simplicity of its preparation

3.- Naturally fed beef

Naturally fed beef To increase muscle mass

Unlike artificially fed cattle, the vitamin intake of this meat is very important, in addition to the obvious vitamins.

4.- Pineapple

Pineapple to increase muscle mass

The pineapple has a very interesting contribution. It is not about high-value proteins, but it is about the enzymes necessary for digestion. On the other hand it is advisable to consume it after training, since it reduces the inflammation of the muscle, so that it is ready for a new job in less time.

5.- Spinach

pinach to increase muscle mass

Just think of Popeye to see those huge muscles. But it is not a fantasy, since a study done by the University of Rutgers and published in 2008 supports this idea. In fact, if you consume the right amounts, you can increase muscle volume by up to 20%. Of course, the right amount would be something like a kilo of cooked spinach a day. A lower consumption and exercise gives very good results.

6.- Lentils and chickpeas

Lentils and chickpeas to increase muscle mass

They are excellent sources of vegetable proteins. For those who do not consume meat, this option is ideal

7.- Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese to increase muscle mass

A single cup provides 28 grams of protein, something that speaks for itself. Another option for those who follow a vegetarian diet with eggs and dairy.

8.- Quinoa

Quinoa to increase muscle mass

It is a very important protein source. In only 100 grams contains 14 grams of protein in addition to several essential amino acids.

If we know what to eat to increase muscle mass, we have 50% of the problem solved. Now lets check out Tammy Hembrow Workout and Routines.

Tammy Hembrow Workout and Routines

Tammy Hembrow Workout and Routines

BOOTY WORKOUT | Tammy Hembrow

Purpose: I’ve lost a lot of muscle since baby number 2 but here is a booty workout for you guys. I can’t wait to share more of my workouts with you all!



Purpose: I’ve lost some weight recently (and with it some booty) . So I’ve been upping my calories and including a variety of workouts to grow grow grow! I will keep you guys updated with my progress!





15 minute fat burning HIIT workout







Purpose: Workout:

  • Reverse grip cable row 3×12
  • Cable squat 3×15
  • Glute pull through 3×12
  • Upright cable row 3×12
  • One arm lat pulldown 3×12
  • Bent over cable kickback 3×15
  • Cable hip abduction 3×12
  • Cable crunch 3×15




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