A Deadly Mistake You Committed If You Eat 5 Times Per Day

The Italian researcher Valter Longo states that only 10% of the population carries a «true» Mediterranean diet –

Molochio is a small town in southern Italy. It has about 2,000 inhabitants and a particular characteristic: it is the population with the highest index of the world of centenarians. Until recently there were four. Now, two live; but it is still one of the most important figures on the planet. In that area are the parents of Valter Longo, who has become one of the greatest specialists in the study of longevity in the world. And not only in the south of Italy, but his investigations have taken him to Okinawa (Japan), Russia or Ecuador. But it is in the town of his parents where he has begun to investigate with the University of Calabria to know the reasons for overcoming one hundred years of life.

His research in the laboratories has been shaped ‘In the diet of longevity’ (Grijalbo). “A person who is in his weight should eat three times a day and one overweight, two. It can be combined with a snack, “explains Longo bluntly. In addition, he advocates applying a diet that imitates fasting at least twice a year and for four days to readjust the immune system. Longo’s proposal is to return to more natural products, betting on vegetables, fish, olive oil and nuts. And no red meat. “The protein content from any meat is linked to an increase in mortality, cancer and cardiovascular diseases,” he adds.

Of course, eradicate any type of sugars. Longo, who is also director of the Longevity Institute of the Faculty of Gerontology at Southern California University, insists that everything he proposes has gone through a laboratory and a test group. “People make diets because they make money. And some there is that stands out. In Italy we have one that proposes a pharmacist. The way that person has become famous is to say that you eat what you want. Do you have a scientific basis? Well, no. You have to identify the real professionals of those who are not. When one is going to operate the knee, it does not go to any surgeon. It is documented. For some reason when people talk about eating, it does not do that, “reflects the Italian doctor, who stresses that all the benefits of the book go to the Create Cares Foundation.

The diet of longevity
Valter Longo. / CAMAGNA

In ‘The diet of longevity’, Longo also breaks some myths. Like you have to make five meals a day. “Nobody can regulate that. If one eats five times a day, ingests 5% more calories per day and at the end of the year we are talking about three or four kilos. What I propose is that if someone has a normal weight that they eat three times a day and if they are overweight they are two plus a snack, “he stresses. “What we propose is to ask the patient what he wants to eat and then tell him that 70% is good and the other 30% is not. Ask him to eliminate certain foods. ”

Longo also puts some but the Mediterranean diet. “It only reduces the risk of contracting certain diseases between 6% and 13%,” he says. Much less than, for example, the usual diet of the residents of Okinawa. Then there is your bad application. “In Italy, and in Spain it will be something similar, 60% believe that it has a Mediterranean diet. However, only 10% get along well. “

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