Top 10 + 4 Silly Ways To Become More Attractive to Women

Self-confidence, humor and charming features: attractive people seem to have it all. As a baby, they are punished less but receive more hugs and nicer gifts. At school, attractive children are more popular, have more friends and are bullied less often. Everything seems to be going well.

As adults, they have more sexual partners, more chances of getting married, more chances of a good job and, as icing on the cake, they deserve a higher salary. Physical attractiveness has important social benefits and consequences and that is probably why you read this.

Attractiveness is associated with more pleasure in life. You look healthier, are more persuasive and people think you are smart and reliable. Moreover, attractive people have more dates than less attractive people. 1 These dates also lead to success more often.

According to research, people who date attractive people are more satisfied with their dates. 2, 3 There are plenty of reasons to work on your attractiveness. Wouldn’t you like a trick that would make you more attractive?

Although you may think that a facelift or botox treatment is the only solution, it appears that there are indeed a number of tricks that make you more attractive. You don’t have to win the genetic lottery to become more attractive to the opposite sex.

Perfection is not even required to be attractive to women. These are a number of scientific studies that can help you make yourself more attractive.

1. Keep brushing your teeth

A 2012 study has confirmed what everyone already knows: white and evenly distributed teeth makes people more attractive. These teeth are a sign of health and good genetics, which help in selecting a partner. However, you do not have to go to the dentist immediately to measure your facings. Muscle white teeth were not found to be more attractive than a more natural tooth color. 4

2. Take the creams

Several studies show that healthy skin helps to make yourself look more attractive. For example, a 2014 study shows that healthy skin is an important factor in the attractiveness of a face. Like white teeth, healthy skin is a sign of good health. 5

3. Relax


With our busy lives and full agendas, it is almost impossible to stress. Is relaxation not in your personal dictionary? If you want to be more attractive to women, this is a point to work on. Women find less stressed men much more attractive than the stressed rivals. This appears from a study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society.

The researchers concluded that men with low stress levels are more attractive because it shows that they can handle stressful situations. This would suggest that they have a “strong” genetic make-up and that this can be passed on to children.

4. Don’t show the back of your tongue

You can become more attractive to women if you play hard-to-get. It may seem cliché and outdated, but a study in the journal Psychological Science shows this. 6 Women find a man more attractive if they are not sure what he thinks about her, unlike she does. According to the research, uncertainty can increase the romantic appeal. The research also shows that women think more of a man if they are not sure if he really liked her.


5. Show that you are selfless

An increasing number of investigations shows that as a man you are more attractive when you show that you are selfless. Men who show that they help others are generally considered more attractive than men who do not.

A 2013 study by the University of Cornell found that women prefer dating or long-term relationships with men who show selfless attributes on the dating profile. 7 An example is spending time at a local food bank. This is a signal that you want and can take care of others. Recent research also suggests that so-called altruism can be more attractive than good looks. 8

6. Fake it till you make it

Presenting yourself better than how you are in reality can help you to look more attractive. It may not be a surprise, but if you pretend to be well, then you will be found more attractive. This is the conclusion of a 2010 University of Wales study.

The research showed that men with a silver Bentley Continental GT were more attractive than men with a red Ford Fiesta. 10 Another study by Cardiff Metropolitan University showed that men with luxury apartments are also found more attractive by women. 11

7. Wear the color red

Everyone knows that red is a striking color. Whether it’s the shade of the lipstick or a bright red blouse, it’s the color that stands out the most. According to a 2010 study, women are most attracted to men who wear the striking red color. 9

In this study the effect of the color red was investigated on the attractiveness of men. Using seven experiments and analyzing the participants from China, Germany, England and the United States, the scientists came to the conclusion that women are more attracted to a man when wearing red clothes .

8. Show your scars

If you are a real man, you have hurt yourself with something in your life. The scars that you now hide can be shown open and exposed if you want to look more attractive. According to science, women are attracted to scars.

A 2009 study by the University of Liverpool and Stirling discovered showed, using digitally edited photos, that men with facial scars are found to be more attractive. What the research also showed is that these men seemed more suitable for a short-term relationship than for a permanent relationship.

9. Leave your beard

A smooth-shaven face is not the most attractive thing a man can do with his facial hair. Research shows that women find stubble more attractive. This conclusion is drawn in a 2013 study in which researchers analyzed four options: smooth-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble or full beards. 12

Of the four options you have as a man, women find the heavy stubble the most attractive. There is a reason why women prefer heavy stubble instead of a smooth-shaven face. According to the scientists, facial hair makes a connection with adulthood and masculinity , but also with dominance and aggression.

10. Be the nicest home

Humor is a key element in the success of modern dating apps . You can win hearts in the assembly line if you can make the other person smile. Several studies have concluded that women are attracted to men who can make them laugh. 14

11. Find an equal

Everyone agrees that good looks alone don’t get you far in a relationship. More is needed to make a relationship successful. What researchers have discovered is that people tend to look for a partner that is comparable in attractiveness. 15

12. Find the gym

There is a reason why countless men and with pumped up biceps and half-naked upper body stand on Tinder. Although it is superficial, and many women do not want to see it on a dating app, it does have a scientific background. Women naturally prefer men who are strong.

It is part of the survival instincts that all people have survived from the hunting lives of the ancestors. This is further underlined by a study by Griffith University. 13 The experiments conducted by the scientists showed that women almost always prefer a man who looks physically strong, as opposed to a weaker-looking man.

This fact is supported by a 2011 study by the University of California. The scientists analyzed data from the users of a popular dating site to discover that they are most likely to receive responses from people with the same attractiveness.

13. Give yourself a pep-talk

Getting a compliment from someone else is fun, but you don’t have to wait to find yourself more attractive. You can also give yourself the boost you so desire. If you repeat your positive qualities in front of the mirror or tell yourself what you love about yourself, then you learn to appreciate these qualities more. 16

A 2014 study by the University of Illinois, published in the “European Journal of Social Psychology”, shows that people who talk to themselves are more successful in finding a job and more confident. Experiments showed that when people talk to themselves with ‘you’, this has a positive effect on the behavior afterwards.

14. Be the funniest home

Attractiveness is not only on the outside. What you say and how you behave has a major influence on how attractive others find you. Making a joke or showing humor can help others to see you as more attractive. A 2015 study by the University of Kansas has shown that laughter together can increase the attraction.

In the study, 51 couples who did not know each other were asked to talk to each other. The more often a man tried to be funny and the more often a woman laughed at his jokes, the more likely she would be interested in him romantically. The conversations of the participants also revealed that the more the couple laughed together, the higher the attraction they experienced. 17

It is no longer easy to be attractive in 2018. Without any knowledge of beauty apps and advanced filters, you can hardly meet the unrealistic beauty standards. The media has created a world in which everyone must be attractive, but hardly anyone achieves this level. Fortunately, research shows that you don’t have to be perfect. Women prefer an average man .

It is almost impossible to have the looks of a model while you work 50-hour weeks and also want to enjoy a snack and a drink during the weekend. Fortunately, there are relatively simple ways to make yourself more attractive to women; all based on long-term and scientific research.

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