Top 20 +15 Elite Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly That Are Epic

Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly – In golden and powerful tips, you’ll discover How To Gain Muscle Mass Quickly. To achieve this goal, you need to find out all the tricks and tips you can and use them to your advantage. None of the techniques you will see below will work by themselves, but by combining a good number of them, you will gain Muscle Mass faster than ever.

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This method was developed by Vince DelMonte, a man who has helped more than 20,000 lean people gaiMuscle Mass worldwide  Maybe some tips that you find here seem absurd, but if you train according to what everyone considers to be “the correct way to train” and did not achieve the results you expected, I think it’s worth a try. I, for example, have always had better results by testing different exercises than usual. Let’s start…


Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly

1- Start by training the entire body 3 times a week, with rest of 48 hours. That’s right, on the same day you will have to train all muscle groups, with 1 exercise for each muscle.

2- Convert your weight into pounds and multiply by 15 to determine your daily caloric intake.

3- Perform only 1 exercise per muscle, but perform different exercises for each day of the week. For example, second you do bench press, fourth bench press, sixth crucifix, or the exercise you feel is best, as long as it is different, do you understand? By the end of the week you will have worked each muscle group in 3 different angles.

4- Take a post-workout shake with 2 times more carbohydrate than protein.

5- Perform each exercise until muscle failure.

6- Use a training diary to track your progress.

7- Drink at least 4-6 liters of water per day.

8- Focus on exploding on the concentric part of the movement, taking 3-4 seconds for the eccentric part of the exercises.

9- Create a goal to gain 5-6 kilos of muscle mass each month. Forget the fats.

10- Eat at least 10-15 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Some vegetables can even burn abdominal fat.

11- Concentrate on compound movements in 80% of your workouts.

12- Switch between dumbbells and bars every 2 weeks.

13- Define a body model you want to achieve to keep you motivated. I want to stay the same as Jay Cutler !!!

14- Follow a training program for at least 3 months before trying the next one.

15- Train consistently to increase 5% of your strength every week.

16- Consume high-quality proteins. Try to eat chicken, lean meat, fish, egg whites, and other types of protein-rich foods.

17- Train with someone motivated.

Never train with hunger if you want to gain muscle quickly.

19- Focus on carbohydrates when your body needs them most: For breakfast and pre and post workout.

20- Make sure to do squats and lifting earth every week, to increase the release of growth hormone and testosterone.

21- Hire a personal trainer if you have no experience.

22- Set aside a lot of your training time for stretching .

23- Try to perform the exercises with the complete movement to stimulate the size of the muscle.

24- Do 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on the 3rd day of the week.

25. Train your less developed muscle group at the beginning of the workout.

26- Avoid Fast Food and processed foods.

27- Sleep at least 8 hours per night without interruption.

28- Do not be afraid to overload the heavier muscle and lose your goal of repetition amount.

29- Consume a good dose of healthy fats every day.

30- Stay one week without training after your cycle of 3-4 months of training.

31- Have someone to help you with heavier workouts.

32- Create a training program. Never enter the gym without a plan.

33- Stretch before and after the workouts.

34- Regularly massage to prevent injury.

35- Take a cold shower after training. It’s quite difficult, but it works. Some studies show an increase in muscle recovery from this technique.

36- Eat 2 to 3g of protein per pound of body weight every day.

37. Train with someone bigger and stronger than you. So you will always feel challenged and motivated to work hard.

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Top 20 +15 Elite “Tips on How to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly” That Are Epic – These are some epic tips and we hope they have been helpful in some way. Let us know your opinion base on your experience on how you gain your muscle mass if you haven’t already.

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