14 Tips to Grow and Build Fast Muscle Mass Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Tips to Grow and Build Fast Muscle Mass  – Here are some of the best tips and ways you can use build your muscles fast, that are scientifically backed and proven. Building muscle the right way and getting the fastest results possible may be a challenge without being aware of the most effective ways to do so.  In this post, we will give you all you need to know to start having those massive muscles in no time. In this blog you will learn:


  • The three essential steps you need to grow muscle mass and get the perfect diet – most people underestimate these three steps
  • The scientific formula to calculate the amount of protein you need to grow as cabbage-muscle growth is much less than you would think!
  • The best scientifically proven frequency you need to handle to get maximum muscle growth – all professional bodybuilders have left you years.
  • The truth  about whether or not you need to do a cardio to grow muscle mass
  • How to Use  Newton’s New Law to Get the Body of a God – This tip gives you a big head start on other people  in the gym
  • The latest trick that has found science, which allows you to increase your growth hormones by up to 1600%! Closer to anabolic steroids you will not come

Content of this blog

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer body in no time
# 1 Do not eat like a mouse to grow muscle mass
# 2 Save yourself the protein caps
# 3 Muscle mass cultures with compound exercises
# 4 Imitate a sleeping baby to grow muscle mass
# 5 Build muscle mass with a spotter
# 6 The training frequency you change in Adonis
# 7 Why cardio goes to you?
# 8 Use Newton’s third law to grow
# 9 Use white powders to grow
# 10 The latest form of legal steroids that increase your growth hormones by 1600%!
# 11 The magical day of the week that will make you muscular and happier
# 12 Follow the scientifically proven eating pattern for maximum muscle growth
# 13 The simple trick to not get fat while building up your muscle mass
# 14 Gone in 60 minutes
Help bro-science out the world

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer body in no time

Growing men and muscle mass:

Arnold Schwarzenegger's killer bodyIt’s something that’s been going on for thousands of years and where men cannot get enough of it. Growing muscle mass and women go hand in hand today. For who does not want a divine body now?

You want to build muscle mass (as a beginner or later) and want to do this as quickly as possible. But where do you start?

We assume you want to do it in a healthy and responsible manner. If not, you can go to the steroids immediately. You can grow much faster muscle mass with pills;)

But that’s not why you’re here. You want tips to grow fast muscle mass for whatever reason:

  • Impress your friends
  • Looks from the ladies that leave you now left
  • The body has what someone deserves for you

In this blog, we will give you a number of “shortcuts” so you can get the above as quickly as possible. In this blog, I give you 14 tips for fast muscle mass cultures, so you’re in no time with the body everyone is jealous of.

In addition, we will give you a free video on this blog, explaining exactly how you can calculate your calorie requirement to build that muscle mass. And how you can easily keep track of how many calories you eat daily. So you get enough to get muscle mass but do not get too much to change your hippopotamus. If you’re looking for tips to grow muscle mass without training, you can better click this blog away and go to one of our colleagues. Those who want to make you lie by saying that it can.

# 1 Do not eat like a mouse to grow muscle mass

Let us start with a funny story:

Not very long ago, I was talking to someone in my gym. He told me he was having trouble gaining weight. Building muscle mass was impossible with this man, at least he thought so.

So I asked him out of curiosity what he said on a day. He did not really have a clear answer. The only thing he told me was: ” Yes, I’m fine, sometimes an egg, for example, sometimes two.”

I could just keep my laugh. With an egg or two, you will not come. Your diet and diet is the most important thing if you want to build muscle mass. A shake or an egg here or there is not enough. Therefore, we make diet plans for people. There are certain steps to take if you want to grow muscle mass:


  • Calculate how many calories you need to stay on the same weight
  • Calculate what you are eating at this time
  • Calculate what you need to eat to put 200-400 kcal above your calorie requirement

All steps are equally important. Because if you do the first step, you can only have two outcomes:

  • Whether you underestimate what to eat and you will not get muscle mass
  • Or you overestimate what to eat and become a fat bag

Therefore, you must complete those three steps in that order. And believe we say it does not get very accurate. You can sit down to 100kcal or more without causing a problem, but you need to be close to the number of calories you need to grow.

Below are two videos that explain how to calculate how much calories you need and how to easily calculate (and track) what you need to eat daily to build muscle mass. This allows you to prepare your own diet plan to grow muscle mass.

How To Calculate Your Calorie Intake? (2 Easy Methods)


How Many Calories a Day to Gain Muscle or Lose Weight?


# 2 Save yourself the protein caps

And to stay true to the calories story: Do not fall for the idea that you need a lot of protein to grow. On the Internet, different “bro science” arguments circulate about how many grams of protein you should eat a day.

And, frankly, ‘bro science’ is the biggest bullshit ever.

Not only can too many proteins cause unnecessary damage to your kidneys and liver, but it also causes long-term illnesses (by protein deposition in cells), giving you, among others, Alzheimer’s (Amyloid formation with an expensive word). Growing muscle mass by taking ten shakes a day is therefore hard to recommend.

Professional bodybuilders will tell you that you need 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. That amount is unnecessary.

They use steroids which make them grow harder, so they need such large amounts of protein.

But research really shows you do not need much. You can easily calculate how much protein you need. Best can you handle this formula:

0.7 – 0.8 * your body weight in pounds


1.76 * your body weight in kilograms

Another reason why you do not want to eat unnecessarily many proteins is that you get ‘unnecessary calories’. For example, If you only take 100 grams of protein. 100 grams of protein is 400 kcal, the rest of your calories you want to divide over your fats and carbohydrates. Because of the last two macronutrients, you are actually growing, they signal your body to grow. The proteins then use you to realize this growth. As you can see, muscle mass growth and proper nutrition go hand in hand.

# 3 Muscle mass cultures with compound exercises

 compound exercisesLike who wants every guy to be in the gym? Arnold Schwarzenegger of course.

And if you go a little bit about Arnold’s training schedule for muscle mass, you soon find out he was in the gym 6 hours a day. So what do most people do to quickly gain muscle mass? They are going to train for a long time.

They are in the gym for a very long time and do one hundred different exercises for each muscle group.

And that’s very bad. Because even Arnold said that if you go to fitness, you do not have to do more than ‘ compound exercises’ for the first few years. The rest is unnecessary according to him.

This is very chill because that means that you can get results quickly with a few exercises. And this is what Floor and I do daily: almost just compound exercises. These exercises are ideal for growing muscle mass for both men and women.


The exercises are:

  • Breast: Banking
  • Shoulders: military press
  • Triceps: the dip
  • Back: barbell rows, pullups and deadlifts
  • Biceps: pullups
  • Legs: squats

What you notice is that you actually do all the exercises. That’s better because you use a lot more muscles and also train your abdominal muscles right away. You may have noticed that professional bodybuilders never actually train their abdominal muscles because they do compound exercises. You tighten your “core” very hard, so your abdominal muscles grow automatically.

In order to prevent yourself from training some muscle groups, you should also take one isolation exercise for each muscle group that day. That’s how you can be sure that you hae  trained your core with the compound exercises and the specific muscle groups of that day with the isolation exercise. To give you an example of my isolation exercises:

  • Chest: flyes
  • Shoulders: (side) raises
  • Triceps: Skull crushers
  • Back: dumbell rows

If in the past, you were a real “bro” and did the exercises you saw on fitness websites. Now we would only recommend you to do compound exercises and you will get wider and stronger than ever. And an added benefit is that you lost a lot less time in the gym, but here we come back to another tip.

# 4 Imitate a sleeping baby to grow muscle mass

Unfortunately, we live in an inverse world in terms of muscle mass growth. Most people spend too much time doing “super good exercises” on the internet instead of doing the two things that really make it possible:

  • Grow muscle mass by handling a good diet
  • Get enough sleep

The muscle mass you arrive comes from the nutrients you eat. So your dietary schedule must be perfected to easily grow muscle mass. And secondly, when do you think this growth takes place?

Not in the gym. Because theoretically, you shrink while exercising, you break down muscle mass.

During your sleep, muscle growth takes place. During sleep, you have your biggest testosterone peak. And of course, you do not need to tell you where testosterone is good: muscle growth.

A normal person needs an average of 7-9 hours of sleep a day. When you need sport you need more. This will notice you too. You are sleepier sooner and when you sleep badly for a couple of days, do not repair your muscles, causing constant muscle ache.

The best thing is not to put an alarm clock and wake you up when you’re out of sleep. But this is not realistic for most people. After all, most people have a job or study. Therefore, try to go to bed every day an hour before you go. That hour of sleep will do miracles for your body. Muscle mass growth occurs as you see especially at home rather than at the gym.

# 5 Build Muscle Mass With a Spotter

Muhammad Ali has a quote that fits nicely with this tip. A journalist asked him how many sit-ups he could do. His answer:

“I do not count my sit-ups. I just start counting when it starts to hurt. When I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts. ” – Muhammad Ali

What he means to say is that the first 100 situps are not important, they are the last few situps (which hurt) where you will get the most muscle growth.

And pushing yourself to “get a few more repetitions” is not always easy if you’re alone.

Therefore, seek a sports partner. Either a ‘spotter’.

Build Muscle Mass With a SpotterA spotter is someone who will stand behind you when you do an exercise to intervene in the last two repetitions, of which you are not sure if you are still going to get it.

Not only does such a spotter provide a physical safety net (catching up when it is likely to go wrong) but also provides a psychological safety net. Because you know and see that a spotter is behind you, you push yourself to the maximum. You often find that you have a lot more in your march than you previously thought.

You do not have to go to a special spotter speed date session to find one. Ask any person in the gym if he wants to be there. Before you know, you have a new sports partner. I noticed that people in the gym like to meet people who take their fitness goals seriously, so a connection is made fast.

# 6 The training frequency you change in Adonis

If you look at the typical bodybuilding plans of the pro’s, you will often see that they take one muscle group a day. And these do not train them more than once a week.

You can train one muscle group for one day in this way. It sounds practical and logical to grow so many muscles in one go. But it’s not normal for normal people.

You can not train one muscle group for hours because you will have so much muscle pain that it takes days to recover.

In addition, research says that muscle training is not optimal once a week. The muscle mass production is at a maximum of 24 hours after training and becomes ‘normal’ 36 hours after training. This means that it is theoretically best to train each muscle group 2-3 times a week.

Training a muscle group three times a week is a bit heavy and it’s hard to plan ‘in a week’. On the other hand, training a muscle group twice a week is very easy to do:


  • Monday: chest, shoulders, and triceps
  • Tuesday: back, deadlifts and biceps
  • Wednesday: legs
  • Thursday: chest, shoulders and triceps
  • Friday: back, deadlifts and biceps
  • Saturday: legs
  • Sunday: rest day

This is the scheme that Floor and I use to grow muscle mass. It gives your body the right stimuli to grow muscle mass without constantly walking around with muscle aches.

# 7 Why cardio goes to you?

In the fitness world you have two camps:

The pro and anticardio camps

Both of them believe that you do not have to do cardio for any reason. Cardio is definitely good for your blood circulation and endurance.

But endurance is one thing and building muscle mass is another thing.

Because HIIT cardio is known to temporarily increase your testosterone, cardio is something you want to stay as much as possible if you want to grow muscle mass. Build muscle mass and burn fat (lose weight) at the same time, but it is difficult. So let me know what it is.

Why? Because cardio is a ‘catabolic process’. That is the opposite of an ‘anabolic process’. And as you may know, ‘anabolics’ are steroids that make you grow. Cardio allows you to “shrink”. Research also shows that the more / intensifying your cardio, the more you work against your muscle mass build-up.

Therefore avoid cardio at all. Especially as ‘warming up’. You waste too much valuable energy that can stop you from lifting weights. You can do cardio after your training to burn some fat, but we would not even recommend that if your goal is to grow ‘muscle mass’.

# 8 Use Newton’s third law to grow

The third law of Newton reads as follows:

To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction from either of the two bodies actionses in the other are always equal and opposite directions- Isaac Newton

The simple translation: action is a reaction.

This applies not only to physics but also to the gym. The more ‘action’ you deliver, the more ‘response’ you get back. Action is of course how hard you train and the reaction is to build muscle mass.

Now you can motivate and push yourself every moment to get the extra grams of muscle mass. But there are currently dusts on the market that ensures you have more energy, stamina and focus in the gym.

These amazing fabrics are called pre-workouts. And actually, they are not so wonderful at all.

Because they are just full of caffeine and other legal resources that you pick up. See it as a can of energy drink but then in powder form.

These types of powders take 15-30 minutes for training and then you can completely go to the gym. I have to mention that these types of stimulants do not work after a while because your body gets used to it. You must take more and more to get the same effect. In addition, people have died of this type of products because they found it necessary to take more than the recommended dose.

Pre-workouts are safe as long as you use them as the directions tell you. To stop 4-6 weeks for a few weeks is a must, otherwise, you should always take longer to achieve the same effect.

# 9 Use white powders to grow

creatine white powders to grow muscleThere are only a few white powders that we would recommend to take in. Especially when you want to use it daily. Yet there is such a powder that we would recommend: creatine.

If there is a fabric that you definitely want to use when you want to build muscle mass, then it’s creatine. It is literally the most legal form of anabolic steroids that you can find.

It’s one of the supplements you cannot grow without growing muscle mass. And it has no side effects the recommended dose.

You can hold some water, but your muscles just look bigger;)

Creatine has proven to give more muscle growthmore strength and endurance And all this legal. All major doping committees find it good that athletes use it.

You only need one cup of 5 grams per day to get enough results. Creatine is transformed into your body into a caloric energy source. Creatine is stored in your muscles and it immediately gives you energy to your muscles. According to the “bro science,” you should not take it in a few months because creatine would be damaging to your kidneys. Only science is opposed to this:

“The regimen of ingestion 20 g or creatine per day for 5-6 days has shown no obvious health risks in healthy volunteers, provided that the creatine is dissolved before ingestion 2. Undesolved creatine may cause slight gastrointestinal discomfort. Longer high-dose creatine supplementation (20 g per day for 5 days followed by 10 g per day for 51 days) has no effect on serum markers or hepatic and renal function and routine clinical chemistry in healthy volunteers. ” – Research in The Lancet

# 10 The latest form of legal steroids that increase your growth hormones by 1600%!

If you have never been to the sauna un recently. You will find it strange to walk around in my mind with other people. But the only reason you went to the sauna daily at my gym is that of the benefits of growing muscle mass. And if you talk about  “benefits” that’s an understatement. The latest research on heat therapy shows impressive things:

As said before, it’s an understatement to say that the sauna is good for you. And you have not even begun to build on the direct effects it has on your muscle mass.

Thus, you will find 30% more muscle growth during the first  48 hours if you go to the sauna for half an hour. The temperature must be higher than  41 degrees Celsius.

And if you really want to do it very well:

sauna at the gymThen you should sit in the sauna for two hours at 80 degrees Celsius, you have a growth hormone increase of 1600% for one week!

So try to go to the sauna as much as possible. You do not have to sit in saunas for a long time to take advantage of the health benefits. From half an hour at 41 degrees Celsius, the benefits start as you can see. Adequate reason to stay away from home on weekends, but just go to the sauna for muscle building.


# 11 The magical day of the week that will make you muscular and happier

A cheat day is a day to eat more than you need calories. This can be done for various reasons. As we have already mentioned in a previous blog, a cheat day can make you burn more fat. How you do this exactly, read here.

But it can also have the opposite effect: you can grow more muscle mass.

You do this by two factors of a cheat day:

Additionally, it’s just nice to think about one day for nothing and to eat the things you normally should not eat. Healthy food can take out the door. Do you want to eat a whole bowl of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? On a cheat day can do that.

# 12 Follow the scientifically proven eating pattern for maximum muscle growth

You may have heard of intermittent fasting in one of our other blogsScientifically, this is the only diet that can cause weight loss and can keep the kilos off.

Intermittent fasting, we always discuss from the perspective of ‘burning more fat’. And that is also excellent. But it gives someone who wants to build muscle mass also great results.

Research shows, among other things:

What should you do to experience the most benefits from above? Fixed 16 hours or more per day.

And before you jump out of your chair and wisely make me eat for so long, ‘bad’ is for your muscles. Because you’ve heard on a “bro-science” website that you have to eat every three hours because “otherwise your body will eat your own muscles” and slow down your metabolism.

That sounds logical … until you look at science:

Therefore, do not be afraid to fast more than 16 hours a day. Personally, I strike between 20-22 hours a day to take advantage of the above benefits. As you may see in the scientific reference, I am deeply in intermittent fasting. Research after research shows that it is very good for your body in different areas. It’s even aging! It’s only a pity that not many people know about it. So, take advantage of these tips.

# 13 The simple trick to not get fat while building up your muscle mass

Measuring is knowing and that’s the only way to achieve maximum muscle growth without getting another 100 kilos of fat.

Because everybody can eat 5000 kcal a day and grow muscle mass. But what you get for free is a big belly. Therefore, you must eat in a sensible way.

And by tracking your progress, you can know if you’re growing anyway. And you may grow too much.

The most important things to measure are:

  • The calories you eat
  • Your weight
  • Your chest, abdomen and biceps size
  • Perhaps your fat percentage (is often not exactly measurable)

These parameters will tell you if you grow and how fast this happens. Use this measurement only on the basis of this measurement. If you do the exercises mentioned above, it will not be your training. Muscle mass and a six pack make you in the kitchen, not in the gym.

# 14 Gone in 60 minutes

You are not Arnold Schwarzenegger and I will be honest with you:

You will never be like Arnold.

Not only do you have to build your entire life around your muscles, use a lot of steroids, but you also have to train 6 hours a day.

And that’s not what most people want to do with their lives. They just want to build muscle mass and look more beautiful, fitter and sexier.

It sounds logical to spend several hours in the gym. But research has shown that this is not good for muscle mass growth. The longer / intensifying you train, the more cortisol will be in your body. And you want to keep your cortisol level as low as possible because the hormone has a “catabolic effect”.

testosterone vs cortisol chart

As we saw earlier, catabolic is the reverse of anabolic ( find out in this article about – Anabolic and Catabolic: What is The Difference Between These Two?). It does not allow you to grow but shrink. In general, you want to keep your cortisol mirror as low as possible, especially if your cortisol rises, for example, by stressful life.

The cortisol increase you get from exercise, research shows they are very much but is generally recommended to cortisol increases counter. However, I also have to report that research shows that a cortisol rise caused by intermittent fasting or sports causes more muscle growth.

13 ” Tips to Grow and Build Fast Muscle Mass”Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Training over 45 to 60 minutes causes your cortisol level to rise unnecessarily high. Therefore, you should try not to make your workout longer than an hour. With the above-mentioned compound exercises, this will certainly work out. I’m never in the gym for more than 45 minutes. So do not spend hours in the gym and have a complicated schedule if you want to build muscle mass.

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