Tips to have the best oral sex (and healthiest) –  We already know that sex goes much further than simple penetration, that to get more pleasure you have to experience new things. Have you already tried oral sex? Both they and they love oral sex (or at least the vast majority). Some even find it more pleasurable than intercourse. For different reasons. Men usually have a more visual sex, and in addition, pornographic films have encouraged their fantasy of those known as “blowjobs”.Tips to have the Best Oral Sex In Your Life

The fact that a woman is giving them pleasure, and they can see it, raises the temperature to the point that they come to cum even before penetration. Women also enjoy oral sex, and many of them have achieved their first orgasm while practicing cunnilingus, since in this way the clitoris is more easily stimulated, the greatest point of pleasure in a woman.

This Went Viral –  Top 5 + 3 Covert Tips To Practice Oral Sex Safely (No One Talks About)

eat my vagina

Healthy oral sex

Do not forget that oral sex can also spread diseases. Many people do not know this and do these practices without knowing the risks they have. Sex must be enjoyed to the full, without limits, but always with a head and with care.

With oral sex you can get both the Human Papillomavirus and AIDS, as well as Gonorrhea, Syphilis or Chlamydia. So we must also take maximum precaution to enjoy it to the fullest without making mistakes that we regret for a lifetime.

Flavor preservatives, for example, are known to everyone. You can give your partner the flavor that most appeals to you, without taking risks. Thus, both of you can fully enjoy oral sex.

flavored durex

Not so well known are the “sabanitas” or latex frames for oral sex to women. As always, we live in a society that is made only so that men can feel pleasure, and forget that women also receive oral sex. You can find this type of condom for women in the pharmacy, and if they do not have it, ask them to order it. You will also find it in erotic shops, especially if you look for it in a place of atmosphere.

Black kiss?

We can not forget, when talking about oral sex, the so-called “black kiss” . Perhaps it is still a taboo, because many people are ashamed to admit that they like to be kissed or licked by the anus, or even embarrassed, even if they are wishing for it. It is always good to talk to the person with whom you have sex about what you want to do and what you do not want, not to screw up, but oral sex is anal too. And no, nothing happens. By practicing oral sex you will not eat the poop of another person, or you will not smell your mouth, nor are you homosexual (as if it were something bad!) … They are nonsense that people invent so that others can not enjoy of his sexuality in fullness. Maybe because they would like to do it but they do not dare.

It is true that to make the black kiss you have to make sure you have good hygiene. You can carry wet wipes in a bag or pockets to clean yourself or your partner before doing this type of practice. Although you also have to have maximum hygiene practicing fellatio or cunnilingus.

Tips for your oral sex

We give you some tips to enjoy oral sex in its entirety, if you want, of course.

  • You have to be sure you want to do it. Do not let the other person insist or do it just to look good. Sex is a matter of two (or more) but everyone must agree.
  • Take precautions against sexually transmitted diseases. No matter how much you know this person, you do not know with total certainty who he has gone to bed with. Even if they insist you are “clean” always pay attention to your conscience.
  • Do not be ashamed to tell someone else what you like, because everyone has their sexual fantasies and none is better or worse.
  • Communicate with the person you are having oral sex with. There are many ways to do it and only with good communication will you be able to touch each of the possibilities.
  • Share your sexual experiences (without talking about the other person) with your closest friends. This way you will know what others like and you will know even more about oral sex.
  • If you have any questions, you can always go to a Family Planning Center to ask any questions. They are dedicated to giving information to reduce sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancies. Ignore what your friends say, find out about the right places to take no chances.

Tricks for oral sex

Now, we also show you some tricks to practice oral sex. Both for him and for her.

  • You do not have to go straight to the point. Start kissing around the genitals to make the other person impatient and want you to start practicing cunnilingus or fellatio. Make yourself wish
  • In the case of men you can lick from the tip of the glans to the perineum, which is a very sensitive area that sure loves to pass your tongue out there. There are many ways to do it, accompanying you by the hand, licking from top to bottom, squeezing your lips, giving you kisses … Try all the possibilities to give you pleasure.
  • Women also like to be licked by the entire vagina, from the clitoris to inside the vulva with the tongue. Make different games with your mouth and do not limit yourself to just licking, as with uncles, you can help your hands, especially to stimulate the clitoris.
  • Do not forget the “black kiss”. If you feel like licking or kissing your partner’s anus, ask him and do not hesitate.