Top 5 + 3 Covert Tips To Practice Oral Sex Safely (No One Talks About)

Tips To Practice Oral Sex Safely – The oral sex is common practice to give pleasure to the couple before the act of penetration. These sensations and stimuli are achieved by activating the emotions through the female or male genital organs.The Best Tips To Practice Oral Sex Safely

How? Using the mouth, tongue, and lips to bring the person to a maximum point of excitement.

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But we must be careful with that previous romp because although it is a less risky way to prevent a pregnancy from occurring, it is possible that doing so without adequate protection or precaution will eventually lead to an infection or illness.

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It is not only about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) such as syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV; there are also possibilities of tumors induced by viruses such as the human papilloma.

Learn these oral sex techniques

If you have never done oral sex and want to venture, surprise your partner by holding the reins in bed. Keep reading, then we present some infallible techniques and how to practice them safely.

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Cunnilingus and fellatio are the most common types of oral sex, carried out by both heterosexuals and homosexuals. The purpose of both methods is to satisfy who accompanies us in bed.

In the first technique the person sucks or licks the clitoris, the lips of the vulva and the entrance of the vagina; while in the second, the same thing happens but in the scrotum and the penis until the man ejaculates.

What you must take into account to reduce risks in privacy, in general, has to do with hygiene. The details, below:

1. Do not perform oral sex when the couple has menstruation, as this way you will not have contact with the blood.

2. Do not exaggerate in the act. Have you heard the phrase “deep throat”? It is precisely what we suggest to avoid. Prolonged and strong oral sex could cause trauma to the mouth.

3. Check if your partner has a cut or injury to the genitals; If so, for no reason do you initiate contact until a doctor treats the condition.

4. When fellatio is done, the man has to use a condom to avoid getting an STD. Currently, they sell condoms with a variety of flavors, which are highly recommended so that the flavor and aroma of latex do not cut your inspiration. Buy those that do not bring lubricant.

5. If the couple is stable, ie monogamous, it is not necessary to use a condom because in theory, none suffers STD that harms the other; Taking control in these cases is achieved through laboratory tests with a certain frequency so that the risks are discarded.

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6. Mouth activities that generate cuts or abrasion are prohibited before oral sex (brushing or flossing). To get fresh breath, it is best to chew a mint pill or candy, also wash with mouthwash.

7. Do not swallow semen, pre-ejaculatory fluid or vaginal fluids. If your partner does not use a condom, it is preferable that you finish in your hand, spit out the semen and use rinsing.

8. Use latex frames or dental shields to avoid direct contact of the tongue with the vagina; if you do not get these products, then cut a condom and cover your tongue. The objective is to reduce the risk of contracting the Human Papilloma Virus. The stimulation and excitement will not decrease.

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If you think that you are not yet ready for these sex modalities, then go little by little and try cuddling, massage and mutual masturbation. Both you and your partner should feel comfortable and confident with what happens inside the bedroom.

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How to masturbate if I am a woman – the best techniques and positions

How to masturbate if I am a woman - the best techniques and positions

Masturbation is a very pleasant experience and the best opportunity to explore our body and discover what excites us. However, many women have a huge taboo regarding this issue because they believe it is a negative thing, but touching yourself is full of benefits. If you have doubts about being your first time or because you want to improve your experience and you ask yourself ” how can I masturbate if I am a woman? “,  We will explain to you the best techniques and positions so that you get the most out of it. Take note!

How to masturbate while being a woman

The female masturbation offers many options and ways to autocomplacernos, stimulating key points to climax. To achieve this, it is best to start little by little and try something different every time, so you will know which type of stimulus gives you the most pleasure, something that will also be very useful when having sex.

Pay attention to the following points to masturbate if you are a woman , especially if you wonder how to masturbate for the first time, and do not skip any:

The right place

Choose a quiet place where you know that nobody will bother you. It is very important to be relaxed when masturbating, concentrate only on the sensations that you are experiencing, without worrying about if someone is going to discover you, especially when it comes to the first time you do it.

First excite

Before masturbarte the fundamental thing is that you are excited or that you have desire to do it, to explore and play with your body. You can think of those images that excite you, in an episode or person that stimulates your desire, or use something more explicit like pornographic films.

When you start to get excited you will feel like your vagina gets wet a little internally, each woman is different and the humidity level can vary. You will also feel like your clitoris is inflamed a little and increases in size, a sign that you can begin to stimulate yourself.

Masturbate and stimulate the erogenous zones

Open your legs slightly and start by touching your whole vulva with your middle finger, from the entrance of the vaginal opening to the clitoris. The idea is that the lubricant that you produce when you get excited serves as a vehicle to facilitate masturbation, making the movements more smooth and pleasant. But if it happens that you do not produce enough lubricant, do not worry, choose something natural and simple: suck your middle finger and continue touching yourself. Saliva is one of the best natural lubricants.

The movements must be very smooth. You can touch your clitoris with circular movements, you can play with your finger at the entrance of your vulva, or you can for example alternate the caresses to your clitoris with circular movements at the entrance of your vagina and with penetration, using one or two of your fingers to introduce them into your vagina.

While you are touching your vulva and trying all its possibilities, do not be afraid to caress your breasts, gently pinch your nipples and let the imagination fly. So you will feel like little by little more lubricants and your whole body is warming up in a highly pleasurable way.

Reach the orgasm!

The time to reach orgasm depends on each girl and how excited you are, but the important thing is to be focused and be patient, do not lose the rhythm and keep thinking about what generates great excitement. Before reaching orgasm you will feel a delicious heat in the vaginal area, your muscles will contract, your clitoris will be extremely sensitive, you will feel a slight tingling and a burst of enjoyment and satisfaction: welcome to the petite mort !

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How to have more pleasure when masturbating if I am a woman

To achieve an incredible orgasm or several, that is, to get more pleasure during masturbation, we must take into account not only that the environment is appropriate, have good concentration and have motivations, but also try different positions and techniques , which we will explain to Then, and even use some sex toys and lubricants. The female body has many ways of being self-exploration and you can try which ones are best for you.

Take note of all the following ideas, try them and find out which ones are best for you. Also, then do not hesitate to discuss with your partner everything you discover about yourself to enjoy more in future meetings.

Positions to masturbate if I am a woman

If you have been wondering “how do I masturbate if I am a woman?”, Besides what we have already commented, you will like to know some of the best positions for female masturbation , because they are essential for you to achieve an incredible orgasm self-congratulating yourself:

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Lying on your back on the bed, sofa or other comfortable place for you, open your legs and place your hand in your intimate area and begin to explore it gently paying attention to each sensation. With one hand you can caress your clitoris while with the other you stimulate your vagina. Try opening your legs well and then closing them to create more friction in the area. To make it easier and more pleasant to raise and lower your hips at the pace you feel is right, supporting your feet well.

Raise your knees

Again lie on your back, but this time bend your knees, raising them to your chest, and introduce a finger or two into your vagina, moving it from top to bottom, that is, bending and stretching it. In this way, you will stimulate the G-spot more easily and you will notice much more pleasure than if you simulate a simple penetration. In this position you can also open or close more legs, depending on how you feel it is more pleasurable. To help you maintain this position, try placing a pillow under your hip, it will help you to have your legs elevated more comfortably.


Stretch down on the bed or other comfortable surface, put your legs together and place your hand between them to be able to caress the entire area well. Start by stimulating the clitoris and then continue to explore the vagina, move your hips up and down and from side to side. You yourself will feel in which exact position is more pleasing to you and it is better that you follow the sensations of your body, this way you will have the orgasm assured.


Sit in a chair or armchair that is comfortable for you, better if you have braces, and open your legs to have easy access to your vagina. Again, with one hand you can stimulate the vagina while with the other you caress your clitoris. Another way is to place a finger under you when sitting. You can open your legs, close them to have more friction and pressure or you can raise your legs, supporting them on the braces if you want.

For a greater pleasure you can combine several of the positions to masturbate, simply feel and pay attention to what your body asks for at that moment.

several of the positions to masturbate

Ways to masturbate if I am a woman – infallible techniques

Apart from the pleasurable postures mentioned above, you can also take into account some of the best techniques to reach orgasm by masturbating if you are a woman :

  • The sandwich: this simple and pleasant technique is to put the fingers heart and index on the clitoris, so that this is in the middle, and press gently while with the other hand you give small taps or touches to stimulate it. Change the intensity and rhythm of the touches and even with the fingers that you press lightly you can make smooth or faster movements.
  • Point G: this is an area that you can not ignore if you want to reach an incredible orgasm. Whether with a finger or two, or using a sex toy, press the area, simulating a penetration. Do it as mentioned above and you will see that this technique never fails.
  • The shower : if the water jet in your shower has enough pressure or if the showerhead through which the water comes out is adjustable, look for the pressure point that is nice for you and use it to stimulate your clitoris. You will notice a pressure that will make you have intense and very pleasant sensations. Surely with this technique you manage to reach orgasm.
  • Sex toys: you can use toys and objects to simulate the penetration or to stimulate with vibrations different erogenous zones of your body, especially the clitoris and inside the vagina. We recommend you try different and choose the one you like or combine several. Some of the most common and that help to have great orgasms are the dildos, vibrators, eggs, butterflies , and so on.

Hygiene measures for oral sex

Hygiene measures for oral sex

Oral sex is a very pleasant practice, and one of the favorite games during pre-intercourse. We know that men and women enjoy it, but so that our partner can also get excited while he makes us enjoy, it is necessary to understand the importance of hygiene . In general sex requires certain standards of cleanliness, but these should increase if cunnilingus is presented, that is why we are going to give you some hygiene measures for oral sex . Follow these tips and enjoy your meetings to the fullest.

Steps to follow:

It is essential that before oral sex the genitals are perfectly clean. In fact, if you have been on the street all day, you have exercised or physical activities and you know you are not in perfect condition, it is best to take a bath and wash the area very well , this way the oral contact will be much more pleasant for your partner.

In the case of the boys, it is advisable to clean the penis carefully to improve the sensations during oral sex.


We know it but many times we do not pay attention to it: our genitals are very close to our anus, so one of the most important oral hygiene measures is to wash this area very well, especially if you want to enjoy the kiss black . This will avoid odors and sensations that may be unpleasant.


The pubic hair is natural, and the decision to remove or not is purely personal. But if you have decided to keep it, take into account that an act of cordiality towards your partner is to keep it short, in this way oral sex is much more pleasant and also reduce the presence of bad smells.

And if you plan to shave it but you do not know where to start, you can consult our article about how to shave your genitals for sex .


Our last oral hygiene advice has to do with our health: if you notice any irregularity in your partner’s genitals (spots, wounds, warts), do not have oral sex.

Similarly, if you have oral herpes you should avoid oral sex until it is completely healed, in this way you will avoid infecting your partner with HPV due to contact with genital fluids.

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