Top 10 Best Sporttester Watches Review – Hidden Details on How To Choose One

Best Sporttester Watches  – Who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle or exercise performance training should not forget the sporttester. Unique sports and fitness watches that can contribute to the effectiveness of physical activity.

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  • 1 Best Sporttesters – TOP 10
    • 1.1 Comparison of parameters
  • 2 reviews of 10 sporttesters
    • 2.1 Garmin Forerunner 35
    • 2.2 Polar M430
    • 2.3 Sigma PC 15.11 C3
    • 2.4 Garmin Forerunner 235
    • 2.5 Suunto Spartan Sport
    • 2.6 Garmin Forerunner 935
    • 2.7 Sigma RC 14.11 C3
    • 2.8 Garmin WaveActive3
    • 2.9 Suunto Ambit3
    • 2.10 Garmin Fenix ​​5X Sapphire
  • 3 How to choose sporttester
    • 3.1 Sporttester by activity
    • 3.2 Material and its durability
    • 3.3 Display
    • 3.4 Functions and sensors
    • 3.5 Pairing with your phone
    • 3.6 Battery life

We distinguish sport testers from jogging, swimming, cycling, but also from multi-sport that combine a wide range of functions for individual activities. In contrast to classic watches, the sporttester allows you to measure multiple values ​​at the same time and is also mechanically durable.

When choosing you should be careful whether it is a sportstester with a GPS, with or without a chest band, with heart rate measurement or whether it is waterproof and if so to what depth. Functions and their range vary widely. Based on parameters, tests, and user experience, we have prepared a selection of the best sports-testers and their reviews.

Top Sporttesters Watches- TOP 10

In the table there is a selection of the 10 best sportstesters from tests and ratings for 2018.

Comparison of Sporttesters Watches  parameters

Review of 10 sporttesters

Garmin Forerunner 35

The Garmin Forerunner 35 Sporttester is made by a well-known navigator manufacturer, making this watch a built-in GPS module that allows you to accurately monitor your sport’s location. There are many other features, such as the heart rate sensor, as well as a Bluetooth module that allows pairing with your phone, including call handling and SMS.

It is not just about monitoring activities, but also about storing them, as well as creating statistics. You can use it to create well-arranged training calendars, which will ensure better efficiency during exercise.

The base is a strong battery that lasts up to 8 hours of training per charge. In standby mode, it can last up to 6 weeks. Of course, there is a large clear display as well as a menu in the Czech language. In addition, the workout results can be stamped thanks to the integrated Live Tracking feature.

  • Czech menu, GPS navigation, Live Tracking
  • Maximum 8 hours of full use

Polar M430

Polar M430

The Sporttester with the Polar M430 GPS is not only intrigued with the ability to easily monitor a specific location. Its advantage is the possibility to use recommendations for activities that are appropriate for achieving the goal. And thanks to the fact that it can be held all day long, thanks to which it captures the overall day mode.

The basis is a high-quality display that has a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, allowing for individual reading and tracking of all information. There is a connection with Polar Flow, which records and saves each activity. Unique is the Back to Start feature, which is appropriate when the athlete loses in unknown terrain. Navigation is directed back to start.

The watches are literally covered with various other features. There is, for example, altimeter, compass, speedometer, or classic pedometer. There is also a Bluetooth module that makes it possible to connect to the phone. Take a waterproof, which is 30 meters.

  • Waterproof, GPS, Back to Start
  • Higher price


Sigma PC 15.11 C3

Sigma PC 15.11 C3Sport watch Sigma PC 15.11 C3 is mainly a recreational athlete. Still, they have a pretty decent set of equipment that will allow you to evaluate the dates of each workout. The big plus is the chest belt, which makes it possible to precisely measure the heart rate, which is associated with choosing the right time and intensity of the workout, or finding the calories burned.

Watches offer a division of training into two categories, Fit or Fat. That’s according to a specific goal. It also allows you to preview the sporting circuit and the parameters you need to achieve for trouble-free handling. Waterproofing up to 30 meters is a matter of course, which will allow for all-round use.

The unique feature is the easy-to-replace battery function, which does not erase the stored values. The battery status is displayed on the display. There is also a warning alarm if the limit of the specific training zone is exceeded and the overloading of the human organism may be threatened.

  • Chest belt, replaceable batteries, training category
  • Does not have a GPS


Garmin Forerunner 235

Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner 235 Sporttester without the Forerunner 235 chest strap will surely excite even the demanding athlete. The pulse can be measured directly on the wrist using an optical sensor. Watches can be worn all day and activity will be recorded via Garmin Connect, where you can view the history of each day. All within the 215 x 180 pixel display.

Innovative features can also schedule training as needed, as well as show how long you need to rest to perfect regeneration. It also captures the features associated with the ability to monitor the VO2 value, which is the maximum volume of oxygen. Of course, it’s a connection with a mobile phone, including the ability to call or read messages and edit a calendar.

An interesting LiveTrack feature is a real-time sharing experience, and Connect IQ, which lets you invite other people to work out. Of course, a good quality battery lasts up to 11 hours of training and a total of 9 days of normal use.

  • Pair with mobile, track VO2, LiveTrack
  • Absence of chest strap

Suunto Spartan Sport

Suunto Spartan Sport

The Suunto Spartan Sport watch is designed for the most demanding athletes. They have a color-state-of-the-art touch screen with good viewing and easy operation. They are ready for use in over 80 sports activities that are pre-installed in your watch. And including the main ones, such as running, cycling or swimming.

With Suunto Movescount, you can see all the details of training itself, as well as regeneration. The watch can efficiently plan further training based on the data found. There is also the possibility of comparing results with others, which will help in overall motivation. There are also tips for preparation, in case of worse results.

Of course, you can also run a training diary, use the GPS module and other features. The watches are waterproof up to 100 meters and offer full battery life for 18 hours. It can last about 26 hours at the time of economy mode.

  • Wide range of functions, watertightness 100 meters, durability 18 hours of training
  • Higher purchase price

Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935 heart rate watch lets you get accurate heart rate values ​​thanks to the optical wrist sensor. It is also a possibility to use it for various sporting activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, as well as various types of circular training. They also enjoy the high resistance of the watch to mechanical damage and water.

All the important values ​​such as heart rate, distance, and much more are displayed through the 240 x 240 pixel display. They also have a GPS module to ensure accurate measurement and better orientation. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can pair them with your phone, use Garmin Connect, and more.

Up to 24 hours can be played on one charge, with up to 2 weeks in standby mode. With advanced features, you can get both evaluation and training sessions or fatigue information – the so-called Stress Score.

  • Long stamina, GPS navigation, for more sports
  • Without touch screen

Sigma RC 14.11 C3

Sigma RC 14.11 C3

Sigma RC 14.11 C3 jogging watches are a simpler model that will delight recreational athletes. And not just runners, but also people doing swimming and hiking. Watertightness is up to 50 meters and construction offers good resistance to diverse activities in any environment and in any weather.

Features include an accurate heart rate monitor, with minimal as well as maximum monitoring. The accessories include a practical chest belt with a RS transmitter. The setup options are based on selecting the training zones. The backlit display shows speeds, distances, calories and much more.

Docking stations with Data Center are also included. An interesting advantage is battery exchange, which can be appreciated for longer training without the risk of data loss. The watch also has two preset modes for a specific workout, Fit or Fat.

  • Chest belt, interchangeable batteries, docking station
  • Absence GPS


Garmin Wave3

Garmin Wave3

Garmin WingActive3 watch watches can be enjoyed by many other sports. A total of 15 preset activities are available to choose the right one. And with a touchscreen display that enables ConnetctIQ to make various modifications, such as classic handheld or modern digital watch. The Garmin Chrome display also captures its resilience and high resolution.

Functions include a heart rate monitor, on-going activity information, data storage, and fitness level information. Depending on the age and value of the VO2, the watch can choose an optimal training plan and run a diary through Garmin Connect.

The unique feature is Garmin PAY, which allows watches to be wirelessly paid in stores. This improves practicality even for off-work use. It can hold up to 13 hours while it’s up to 7 days in standby mode.

  • Garmin PAY, touch screen, 15 sports activities
  • Without an electronic compass

Suunto Ambit3

Suunto Ambit3

The Sporttester Suunto Ambit3 will delight in gaining data from various activities, including the fact that the built-in GPS module allows you to get accurate position data. This precisely measures the velocity of motion, and measures distance as well as altitude, thanks to FusedAlti technology.

There is a practical exercise planner, navigation option back if the wrong orientation in difficult terrain, or paired with your phone via Bluetooth, or use a function called Bike, which is intended primarily for athletes loving cycling.

Also included is the Firstbeat feature, which is linked to the ability to detect performance recovery or search for new routes through Suunto Movescount. It also supports the possibility of simple monitoring of the condition or waterproofing up to 100 meters.

  • Good stamina, many features, 100 m waterproof
  • Without chest belt

Garmin Fenix ​​5X Sapphire

Garmin Fenix ​​5X Sapphire

Sporttester Garmin Fenix ​​5X Sapphire is a unique product that is referred to as a multisport watch. Unique features include a color Chroma display, Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an integrated Wi-Fi module designed to connect to wireless networks.

The design is cool, the display is scratch-resistant and offers the ability to choose the backlight intensity. There is also a heartbeat sensor and functions that allow you to set the right training, even with Training Effect 2.0, which also serves to monitor performance. Interesting is the Group Track feature that allows you to practice and evaluate your group activities.

It can hold a total of up to 35 hours on one charge, and waterproof for up to 10 ATMs. The equipment also includes a barometric altimeter, a three-axis compass, as well as a GPS module that shows the exact location in the topographic maps. Practical is the quick exchange of straps using QuickFit.

  • Innovative features, Wi-Fi, color display
  • Higher price


How to choose a sporttester

Sporttester is a good helper for both amateur and recreational as well as professional athletes. This should be the main criterion for choosing when you use sporttests. You need to clarify how often you will use it, what activities and what you expect from it. Whether basic activity data, or advanced functions associated with training planning or regeneration.

Sporttester by activity

A fully basic sporttester is primarily designed for running and similar activities such as hiking or walking. More advanced models can be used for a variety of other sports. It can be biking, swimming, as well as many other activities. Who wants to measure their performances across different sports should choose a multi sporting solution. There are models that offer basic 15 sports as well as variants that have up to 80 presets.

Material and its durability

Life, resilience, as well as its weight, or price linkage, depend on it. Base cases with a dial face can be made of polyurethane, plastic, as well as more interesting materials such as steel, aluminum, or ceramics. In the case of straps, the sporttesters are made of silicone and plastic, textile, leather, nylon, and various metallic materials. The choice is great, and besides the features it is good to take into account personal preferences.


This makes the sporttester different from a normal fitness bracelet. It’s usually a display that can have different designs, either square or circular. Role also plays its distinction – much like any other display. For the forefront, the choice of the right display type is also required. There are economical, but rather more common, P-OLED displays on the market, one of the most commonly used TFT displays that include color, touch layer and high resolution. The top of the screen is AMOLED displays, with superb resolution, true color rendering, and more energy-intensive battery life.

Functions and sensors

The distance, the time and the calculated speed are the functions of course. Whoever is looking for more has a choice of other options in the sporttester segment. The exact route can be recorded by the GPS sensor, the direction of the compass and the exact speed of the tachometer. We can include an accelometer, measuring the current acceleration. The altimeter is also suitable for calculating climb and descent values, or both a thermometer and a barometer, to better determine the current climate. Most include a heart rate monitor, either optical, which senses the pulse of the wrist, or a variant that is a strap with a sensor that is placed on the chest.

Pairing with your phone

Displays on the sporttest are smaller, but they may be sufficient to show the basic information about the actual training. In case of activity evaluation, tracking of development, historical data and other information, it is advisable to use the mobile phone display or computer. It is therefore advisable to take into account connectivity when selecting. An often historical option includes USB cable connections. The most commonly used solution is Bluetooth. The modern way is Wi-Fi connection, which allows data to be transferred even to the cloud.

Battery life

The bigger the better, of course. It is important to follow a pair of values. The first is the duration of the training session – when all the functions are turned on. It is generally counted for hours, for those better over 10 hours. Next, the standby mode decides. At basics it is in days, better at weeks.

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