Vaseline Uses for Beauty – Although we love to know the latest beauty products, there is a simple reason why there are cult classics. One of these classics is the simple Vaseline! This product exists more than 100 years ago for a reason … it can do many wonders for us. For burns, dry skin and even the irritated skin of a baby, Vaseline protects and moisturizes.Vaseline Uses for Beauty- Tips And Tricks


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1. Helps to remove the glue from the eyelashes

Vaseline Help remove lash glue

Do not fight with your false eyelashes at the end of the night. It is bad for the delicate skin around the eyes. When you treat with very stuck hairpieces, a little Vaseline passes in the line of your eyelashes with a cotonito. Wait a few minutes and take off carefully.

2. Facilitate putting on a hoop

If you do not use hoops regularly, putting them on can be a bit difficult and painful. Rub your lobes with a little petroleum jelly beforehand to make the process easier.


3. Highlight your cheekbones

Vaseline Highlight cheekbones

The illuminators are great, but if you think it’s a lot of spending, spend some Vaseline on your cheekbones to achieve a radiant look.


4. Soften dry heels during the night

Summer sandals can transform the softer heels causing them to become dry and scaly. Before going to bed, cover your feet with petroleum jelly and put on socks to moisturize the skin of your feet.


5. Define your eyelashes naturally

Vaseline Helps To Define lashes naturally

If you have a minimalist approach when it comes to beauty products, you can still achieve thick, shiny lashes without a drop of mascara. Apply Vaseline on the area, makes the eyelashes look longer and bulky, and say that helps them grow faster.


6. Protect a sore nose

When you have a cold or allergy, a running nose often leads to irritation in the area. You can prevent the skin of your nose from drying and flaking by sounding so much by applying a little Vaseline around your nostrils to re-moisturize the area.


7. Mastering eyebrows with their own personality

Vaseline Tame stubborn brows

Those eyebrow hairs that have a life of their own can be very unpleasant, but passing a little Vaseline through your eyebrows can help keep them in place all day. Apply a little Vaseline on your ring finger, rub with the other ring finger to distribute the product, and then run your fingers over your eyebrows. For a more defined look, an eyebrow comb passes.

8. Moisturize your face

Contrary to popular belief, Vaseline is non-comedogenic, allowing it to be used as a face cream without worrying about your pores going to be clogged. While girls who have a tendency to acne should consult their dermatologist first, the rest can try it without a problem!

9. Protect your skin by dyeing your hair

Helps with hair vaseline

It is difficult to convince your date that your hair is naturally colored if you have spots of color on your forehead. By applying Vaseline on the skin just where the hair is born before dyeing, you can protect it and prevent it from getting stained with the dye.


10. Prevent self-tanning accidents

After using self-tanning, are you left with scratches, spots or marks? Try using petroleum jelly in areas of conflict such as ankles, elbows, knees and wrists before applying self-tanning. This ointment will act as a barrier in these drier areas preventing the uneven absorption of the product and achieving a smooth and bright look.

11. Help heal sunburned skin

Vaseline Help heal sunburned skin

If you forgot to reapply the solar factor on the beach and you are suffering from your red and painful skin, apply Vaseline on the affected area. This will help maintain moisture on the burned skin and prevent skin flaying.

12. Give your eyes serum a boost

Apply petroleum jelly with small taps on your eye serum can increase the effectiveness of the ingredients of the serum (since Vaseline prevents the evaporation of moisture). Just do not apply it on formulas with retinoles or other equally powerful products as it could irritate your skin.

13. Make your own lip scrub

Vaseline Make DIY lip scrub

Lips with enough leaves to compete with a croissant are not suitable for a matte lipstick. By mixing ordinary sugar with 1/8 teaspoon of Vaseline tea, you can create a simple lip peel, the ideal canvas to apply your favorite rouge. If you want to exfoliate your entire body, use more petroleum jelly and replace the sugar with kosher salt (larger grains will be more effective on dry and rough skin).

14. For enviable legs

If you envy the eternal legs of Victoria’s Secret models, you’ll love this secret … Achieve that sexy shine by applying a little Vaseline on each calf. Do you want a shine like kissed by the sun? Try mixing the Vaseline with a little powder bronzer and pass it through your legs.

15. Help prevent chafing

Vaseline Helps To prevent chafing

Not all are blessed with thin thighs. If you suffer from annoying rubbing between your thighs when walking, apply a little Vaseline on your thighs so that they slide against each other instead of rubbing to the point of irritation.


16. Soften dry cuticles

If you get gel manicures, you know that the removal process can be hard. Use a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly to soften the cuticles of your 10 fingers.


17. Dominate hair with static

Vaseline Ground fly away

If your hair is naturally straight, or you used a heat tool to transform your hair, you know that you can fall victim to static or loose hair. Master those rebellious hairs by passing a small amount of Vaseline at the tips. Be careful, because if you use too much, it will look like you did not wash your hair a week ago.

18. Open your jammed nail polish

We love to make a homemade manicure, but we struggle to grapple with the enamels that have the lid stuck. Avoid having to ask for help every time you paint your nails … A dash of petroleum jelly on the bottle’s thread will allow it to be easy to open next time.