Top 10 + 1 Specific way Women Can Cum and How You Do It

Ways Women Can Cum and How You Do It – Anyone who thinks that an orgasm always feels the same should urgently start experimenting. Because women can come in many different ways. Bedtime!

Every body is different and not every orgasm on this list will work for every woman. But trying doesn’t hurt, right?

Ways That women Can Cum and How You Do It

1. The G-spot organ gas

Myth or not, there are indeed many women who come only to massage that small, spongy place that they call the G-spot. Let gynecologists and scientists argue, the most important thing is that you discover through a circular, light-pressing movement whether or not that mysterious place exists for you.

2. The A-spot organ gas

The A-spot is close to the G-spot. This is located deep inside the vagina, on the belly side of the cervix. It is best to look for this place, which is located at the front of the vaginal wall towards your navel, when you are already excited and your muscles are relaxed. The difference with the more famous G-spot is that you reach the A-spot through deep penetration.  You are indirectly stimulating the clitoris, but the result would be another sensation. Worth a try, right?

3. The breasts / nipple orgasm

Scientists have discovered that stimulation of the nipples activates the same area in your brain as stimulation of the clitoris or vagina. So if your brain pays the same amount of attention to your breasts, your partner may have to do that.

4. The kiss orgasm

You need a little patience for this. But there would be as many nerves in your lips as in your clitoris and nipples, making them highly sensitive. Go-geters can reach a peak through the right tongue work, challenging teasing and above all a deep focus.

5. The anal orgasm

From the first time, it probably won’t happen, but when you’re used to the idea, anal sex can feel great for women. If he does it slowly, an anal sex can also make you climax. Tip: lubricant is always a good idea.

6. The U-spot organ gas

You stand for urethra, or the urethra. Yes, that hole you pee along. It is located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. The urethra is surrounded on three sides by the clitoris and swells when stimulated. You do this by making circular movements around the urethra. The glands of Bartholin then begin to produce pre-moisture and you are completely ready for a romp and an orgasm.

7. The cervical orgasm

Cervix is ​​another word for cervix. Just like with the A-spot, you achieve faster results here by applying pressure than through stimulation. Deep penetration – this is the fornix posterior, which lies at the back of the vaginal wall – is required here. Gentleness is key because for some women this is a sensitive zone and too deep penetration can even be painful if it is not done carefully. The orgasm would feel a bit like the anal orgasm, which makes sense since roughly the same nerves are hit.

8. The clitoral orgasm

This is the most standard orgasm, so to speak . Most women can and will most often achieve this orgasm, while the other species are reserved for a smaller group of lucky ones (although this often involves clitoral stimulation). Logical, since in your little love bundle below, about 8000 nerve endings come together. Comparison: the penis has 4000. Lucky us.

9. The zone orgasm

Everyone has that one sensitive spot where even the smallest touch makes you crazy. Earlobes, inside of the thighs, neck: go with your partner in search of what pushes your buttons. And yes, if you fully empathize, even a highlight can follow.

10. The mixed orgasm

Simple: several of the previous places are encouraged. Because sex is work, whether you are playing alone or with a boyfriend.

11. The mental orgasm

Your largest sex organ? Your brain! Ever woke up to a sex dream with the feeling that you just had a very intense orgasm? That will simply have been the case. No touches needed, just thoughts. Cumming without any effort, can it be even better?

12. Multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms come in two ways: one after the other and with a few moments in between. To achieve this rare phenomenon, you will have to look for what you like and experiment a lot. Try different stimuli, techniques and fantasies and praise yourself especially if you ever succeed. You are one lucky girl.

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