Top 5 + 3 Unpopular Reasons Why Sex Toys Make You Better In Bed

Although sex toys are no longer taboo, not everyone seems convinced of the usefulness of toys in the bedroom. Some people may even feel personally attacked if their partner proposes to get toys. Because they think they would not be good in bed. Or because they think they don’t know how to spoil their partner in the right way.

This is of course not necessary! Did you know that introducing a few exciting articles in the bedroom can actually give your sex life a boost? Here we will explained 8 reasons in total as to why you should purchase an exciting toy today!

1. It takes the pressure off you The
A partner can sometimes do his or her best, it is not always possible to reach a peak. It is sometimes very difficult for women in certain positions. Just when you are with someone, you want to give the other person the feeling that he or she is in the right place. The pressure to then reach a high point can be very high. For example, your partner has already arrived or you think it is silly for him or her if you are left behind. With a good sex toy you remove that pressure!

2. Your partner can also lean back a bit more 
The same naturally applies to your partner: Sextoys can also take the pressure away from your partner. Although you sometimes try so hard to stimulate your partner, it is not always possible to press the right button. And your partner never knows your body the way you know yourself. Let him or her get acquainted with a sex toy to pamper each other, and the sex will be more relaxed and fun! Also for your partner. Does he or she prefer to try it himself? Then ‘watching’ how a toy works is always an option!

3. Buying sex toys together creates a bond: buying sex toys ensures that your bond becomes even stronger. If you decide to try a toy together, it is fun to delve into it together. Read up on the internet, order a fun toy. Wait for the package together, open it and enjoy the excitement in advance! If you buy a toy together, the advantage is that you both know what to expect. Unlike when your partner suddenly surprises you with a toy during sex.

4. Experimentation leads to hotter sex: once you have tried a sex toy, chances are that you want to experiment more. Of course if you like the use of toys in the bedroom of course. Do you, for example, want to go a step further after trying a cock ring? For example, go for a pair of handcuffs or a tickler. Experimenting together ensures that you get your sex life out of a rut and that you get to know your partners body better. And who knows what doors it will open for the next session in bed!

5. Sex toys help bring your fantasies to life: not only do sex toys make the sex hotter. They can also make your fantasies come true. For example, have you always dreamed of captivating your partner as a police officer or woman? Then of course you need handcuffs! Or maybe it’s your fantasy to play a scene from Fifty Shades of Gray? Even then it is of course handy that you have SM articles on your bedside table. Of course you don’t have to be ashamed of this!

6. You send a clear signal to the outside world:although there is still a bit of a taboo on having sex toys, there are more and more singles and couples who purchase them. Each couple discovers a routine over time. You know what works for the other. It is no secret that the grind sometimes gets into it. Why wouldn’t you do something about it? You both benefit from it! If you try toys together, you send a clear signal to the outside world: ‘we don’t care what anyone thinks about it. We like to experiment and keep our sex lives healthy ‘.

7. You can finally contain your curiosity: I admit. Not everyone will dare to say it straight away, but secretly we are all curious about sextoys. Whether it’s about using a toy for yourself. Or that you would like to experiment with your partner. And whether you want to see a vibrator up close or just want to hit with a whip. Why would you control your own curiosity? Give in to yourself and a whole new world will open for you!

8. There is a good chance that you will experience several orgasms: in fact, this reason should come first. You can also add sex toys as soon as you and your partner do not become saturated. Are you physically exhausted but secretly ready for the next round? Let it do the work with a vibrator, butt plug or a cock ring! Sex toys don’t get tired and they can even make you experience multiple orgasms one after the other. What else do you want?

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