Zinc Oxide Stinky Feet – The Cover Up Cure For Sweaty Feet

Zinc Oxide Stinky Feet –  Zinc not only helps improve the recovery of the human body, it is also an essential part for the proper functioning of enzymes and for the development of healthy cells in our body.Zinc Oxide Stinky Feet Solution

We are aware that the bad smell of the feet is a terrible condition that affects the social life of many people, because perhaps it has happened to you that you have not dared to take off your socks in front of your friends when you are in a dressing room or a similar place.

So we’ll show you the benefits of zinc to combat the bad smell.

What causes the bad smell on the feet

What causes the bad smell on the feet

The scientific name of bad smell on the feet is podobromhidrosis .

In most cases, podobromhidrosis is caused by a considerable growth of bacteria, which feed on sweat and skin.

When they come in contact with the air and die, they cause the characteristic bad odor.

Bacteria appear by several factors:

  • Condition of some diseases such as diabetes, in which patients suffer from increased perspiration.
  • Hormonal changes; This is the reason why young people suffer more often from bad smell on their feet.
  • Food high in saturated fats.
  • Consumption of certain medications.
  • Changes in metabolism.
bad smell on the feet

Luckily, zinc is a powerful antibacterial agent.

In addition, zinc sulfate is a topical astringent. This means that it helps reduce excessive perspiration by naturally closing the pores of the skin and at the same time, the sweat glands.

For these reasons, doctors associate a zinc deficiency with foot odor problems that last for long periods.

If you do not have a healthy level of zinc, you will have greater problems fighting the bacteria that cause the bad smell. Many times, just using a mineral supplement can be useful to eliminate this bad smell.

Zinc cream: definitive cure for foot odor

cure for foot odor

The main characteristic of zinc cream is that it has a more concentrated dose of the antibacterial properties of the mineral.

In a study conducted with two groups of people suffering from a bad smell on the feet, it was found that 70% of the group treated with a zinc sulfate cream were cured. This result was obtained with only two weeks of treatment. ( 1 )

According to the research, no side effects were recorded before, during, or after treatment. So, if you have not yet tried this remedy, I recommend that you use it to quickly relieve this cumbersome condition.

Zinc oxide for athlete’s foot

Zinc oxide for athlete's foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by a proliferation of fungi on the feet. The appearance of these is very annoying, which causes itching, sweating and bad smell.

Zinc oxide creams are ideal to combat athlete’s foot, as they attack fungi directly, while keeping your skin fresh.

How zinc cream is used

How zinc cream is used

To use the zinc cream correctly, follow the instructions:

  • Make sure you apply the cream directly on your skin, especially between the toes and the sole of the foot. Make this application right after washing your feet, at least three times a week.
  • To keep the odor from coming back, keep using zinc cream once a week for the next two months after you have healed.
  • Leave your feet outdoors after each application.

zinc cream for foot

By following the treatment for two weeks, you will eliminate the bad smell of your feet just as it has been proven in several studies.

Another popular and effective ingredient to keep sweaty body parts under control and without bad odor is zinc oxide powder.

The latter is a common ingredient in powder, ointment and baby lotion. Helps keep skin dry, works as deodorant, antiperspirant, and eliminates bacteria.

Do not forget to wash your feet well with a good antibacterial soap and use the correct socks to let oxygen pass to the skin of your feet.

Now you know that zinc cream is effective in eliminating the bad smell of your feet. Share this information with your friends and do not forget to tell us how was your experience when using the treatment with this method.

What Zinc Oxide Works at the Feet

Zinc oxide (ZnO) is an inorganic oxygen and zinc compound that is poorly soluble in water. It is very common and is used for various purposes due to its properties as astringent, bleach, deodorant, antifungal, skin protector, anti-inflammatory, etc. It is found in various skin care products such as powders, creams, deodorants and shampoos. In the feet it is very effective and it is what we will see in this article.


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Zinc oxide for fungus on the feet and how it is used

The proliferation of fungi in the feet known as athlete’s foot, is a very common condition between men and women of any age. This appearance of fungus turns out to be very annoying because in addition to causing piquiña and sweating, it produces a bad smell which can become uncomfortable in the presence of other people.

Zinc oxide is ideal because it fights moisture, proliferates bacteria and keeps the area cool.

How does it apply?

  • The recommended thing when mushrooms appear is to start by washing the footwear before applying a product with zinc oxide so that the bacteria do not proliferate again and the humidity does not make its own.
  • Sanitize the feet in the usual way and dry with a clean towel, which should then be washed so that it does not stick to another member of the family.
  • Then you should apply some ointment or powder that has zinc oxide and leave the feet in the air during the night to achieve better effect. Any brand that contains zinc oxide can be useful, but the most recommended is the Nelind brand, since it is the most suitable to combat humidity and antifungal properties. It also works perfectly zinc oxide powder that you can buy at any pharmacy.
  • The next day, wash your feet well and apply talcum powder or a spray with zinc oxide to protect during the day.
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Is zinc oxide used to eliminate the bad smell of the feet?

The active compounds of zinc oxide contribute to the elimination of bad odor in the feet that is caused by bacteria resulting from moisture and fungi that form between the fingers and the folds of the feet.

Another factor that influences the bad smell of the feet is the temperature that is considered to cause the pathology known as podobromhidrosis because its increase generates excess moisture and therefore the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bad odor.

To solve the discomfort of bad smell:

  • Dedicate time to the daily hygiene of the feet with water and soap thoroughly but mainly, do not stop drying them well so that the humidity does not increase when putting on your shoes.
  • Whenever possible, try to use cotton socks and not synthetic or overheating fibers.
  • Use shoes of good quality and according to the weather avoiding materials that can increase perspiration.
  • Periodically change the towels and let them dry in the sun.
  • Finally use products with zinc oxide. Anyone can serve, be it a cream, spray or talcum powder. Ask a pharmacy for a product that contains it, and this will be an excellent ideal complement to keep away the fungus and the bad smell.

Zinc oxide for corns: how to use it

Using zinc oxide as a remedy to reduce calluses is a quick way to reduce them if after washing with water and apple cider vinegar we place it on the affected parts in the form of a powder leaving it as a mask that falls off during the course of the day and softens the calluses.

Although it can be an excellent alternative, if the calluses are very large and the hardness is extreme it is convenient to visit a podiatrist so that you can remove them in a professional way.

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